Fatima Sohail And Mohsin Abbas Haider Parted Their Ways

Fatima Sohail and Mohsin Abbas Haider are no longer together.

Fatima Sohail and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider parted ways todayFatima Sohail and Mohsin Abbas Haider are no more together. The couple has parted their ways when Fatima requested the court for khula and court-approved it after taking statements from both parties.

1 7V zJD3oLnS2m7C1vevU5wFatima and Mohsin came along with their lawyers and presented in front of judge Babar Naeem. Fatima Sohail stated that she can no longer live with her husband due to differences between them.

“I, too, no longer wish to remain with Fatima Sohail. We have no reservations; the court should issue the decree,” Mohsin stated in court.

After taking statements from both parties court issued the decree.

In the past, Fatima Sohail shared her story of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband Sohail Abbas Haider and she also found Haider on cheating with her but he denied all allegations against him.



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  • Good for both of them. Not happy together then part ways. You live only once so think what is good for you. Every one should be happy .

  • Shameless Mohsin Talaaq tou khud daety…faisalabaadi paison ki hirus!khula manzoor😡😠.mard hita tou foran talaq mehr sub daeta!

  • Dear Fatima, its not happened good but good luck and bad lucks are beyond our control, any how its not end. Now you are free with your independent life, not bound with narrow minded person. I’m always with you if any guide line you need for future planning pls. do not hesitate to contact me. Allah knows better for all of us. Your well wisher. Syed Waheed Gilani

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