Fawad Afzal Khan – Man of His Nature!

The majestic and modish young man, Fawad Khan is undeniably an apple of everyone’s eye. Fawad is our Pakistani Tom Cruise. He may not be a Scientologist and might be a thousand years younger but he’s acquired the same boy-next-door appealing individuality that Hollywood’s golden boy formerly had. Khan’s popularity makes out no age confines. Little girls, old aunties or young women want him in germane capacity. His fame does not restricted to self-styled girls world only, boys also mull over him as a style icon!

This khan has his own patterns to follow. Sometimes he is appeared as a romantic guy and at times he came into sight as a holy extremist but in any case he has done well to make room in everyone’s heart. Fawad spent his early life in Greece, the UK, and Saudi Arabia and currently settled in Lahore.

The amorous EP facade man first caught our eye when he managed to hold his own next to Shaan in ‘Khuda Ke Liye’. A model, rocker and film superstar, he’s walked on the ramp, rocked mobs and made the drama serial “Humsafar” a runway sensation. With his daintily hew features and trademark blazing gaze, Khan was made to play “Humsafar’s” littered Ashar, the man that every Pakistani woman fantasizes about. Recently, he’s been seen dressed in a beard, the perfect outwit to his boyish charm, giving him a gloomy persona which still has us swooning.

Fawad also played as Mujtaba in ‘Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan’ broadcasted on the ARY Digital network in Pakistan. Then this Mujtaba is appeared as Rohail in his subsequent project ‘Ashk’ on Geo Tv. On the whole, Ashk gives a dreadful name to Pakistani serials. There is not anything in it worth watching. The rating that the serial gets is for the fact that it has an astral star cast and has been shot superbly. Fahad is at this time coming up to as ‘Zaroon Junaid’ in forthcoming drama serial ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. It seems to be a replicate of Asher, the same romancing guy in classy get up. The drama is heading to be televised on Humtv soon.

With the upcoming launch of his clothing line, Silk, Fawad has all and sundry on their toes again. So ladies take hold of garbs branded as Silk and get contented as regards of your dream boy’s fabrication!


Nida Zaidi

  • maria

    so nice person

  • pak

    I'm his big fan….I wish him good luck in every field of life…..he is realy a craze of all Pakistani's guls….

  • fyuk

    well i m die heart fan ov fawad and can't miss his anyyyy thing…
    and yes good article… but how can u people forget his amzing & superb darma 'DASTAAN' which is really a master piece and i did'nt find any drame like it…

  • Khadija Naqvi

    Why didn't you talk about ''Dastaan''? it was indeed a very famous drama serial

    • Sal

      mujay to "AKBARI ASGHARI" mai bhi Fawad Khan buhat acha laga tha.
      Hasan kay baad Asgher jaisa character lay ker Fawad nay sabit ker diya k wo her role main ANGOTHI MAIN NAGEENA jaisa lagta hai.

      • sobia

        muje b bht acha lga tha as 'ASGHAR' . infact he looks gud in any way

      • uneza

        jee bilkul…siwae ASHK me rohail k bus 😛

        • sobia

          as rohail, he also performed well… but problem was with script

  • zeezee

    Well Agreed With one of the previous Comments He was superb in DASTAAN ,have to mention it !!!
    Plus U wrote fahad instead of Fawad. in 4th para,
    Magical glintz of him Made u to do so ,i know a Typing mistake so PLease People dun start on me ok !! was just pOINTING it out cuz its editable !!!

    • Khadija Naqvi

      You are pretty much right!! The person who wrote this article didnt know much about Fawad. Fawad's acting career started with drama 'Jutt and Bond' and he was also one of the lead characters in 'Satrangi' and 'Dil De ke Jayengy'. It would've been perfect if you've discussed above dramas in this article.

      • fyuk

        ya i completely agree with… nida zaidi dnt knw about him very much. his first tv play was 'JUTT and BOND' from indus tv, was also a big hit and then 'jeevan ki rahon mein' , 'Dil dei k jaen ge' & 'satrangi' were also amzing…

  • sadak

    to be very honest, i want to say one thing and i know many people dislike my comment as well…. the thing is that, to write some article or reviewing any drama or any stuff u must have proper knowledge and research about this thing…
    this z not the case with this article only but also with some drama reviews as well…. some times i feel like that jis ka dil krta hei drama review dei deita hei

  • soni

    so innocent and lovely ,man ..i like him..<3

  • midhat

    bht cute hy

  • Hamda

    hez cute and ideal man of every paki girl. 🙂

    • sra

      it may be ur own thought!! dont indulge EVERY PAKI GIRL in that!!

  • Sadaf H

    What on earth do you mean by amorous EP facade man….?

  • Nida Zaidi

    Hi Readers,
    No doubts about his phenomenal performance in Dastan. The reason why i didnt quote that one here is the fact that the topic goes about the dramas where he gave some similar shots. dastan was obviously, akbari asghari, was somethng different

    • Sadia

      Nida Can you answer a few questions. What does amorous EP facade mean? And what is meant by man of his nature? Hamsafar “runway” sensation? What does that mean? Hamsafar “littered” Asher. Meaning? Popularity “makes out” no age confines. Meaning?
      Most of your lines leave me clueless. Do you even know what you are writing? And what was the purpose of writing this blog?

      • Nida Zaidi

        Hey Sadia,
        I have been writing for different domains on and off, and by reading the comments here, i have learnt that the readers need something else, pretty way too simple. Wait for the next articles, hope they wont disappoint precious readers like you!:)


      • Nida Zaidi

        by "man of his nature", the idea mainly aims to highlight the fact that this actor is so much like what he plays on screen.

        secondly, the words that you have quoted were just the supporting words, that are obviously no more than enough to explain someone like the-great- Fawad Khan

        • Aisha

          Nida with all due respect, there is nothing wrong with the readers but you don't know the meaning of these words and you use them wrongly. Man of his nature is not an idiom or phrase, it has no meaning.

        • imran

          nida i really appriciate you r endeavour of writing such a fantastic piece…
          dont pay attention to every tom dick and harry,s comments.
          keep up the good work

          • Nida Zaidi

            Thanks Imran, 🙂

        • SRA

          with due respect i have a question!! kuch dramas may kaam karne say koi GREAT ho jata hay???theik hay hez a good actor and handsome too but GREAT is a big word for him.

          • iroon

            i agree with you SRA

      • sami

        no body asked you to read…btw,got a dictionary over there someware…as you are trying to improve your vocabulary by reading this article we can all see…GOD!!some people are unbelieveable

        • Sadia

          Hahaha Sami ignorance is bliss. I was being sarcastic in a very polite manner because all the words I mentioned have been used out of context. Anyway no point of hitting your head against a brick wall. My English is way way better than these people who write on this blog. I committed the mistake of reading this post but I am never doing it again.

      • SRA

        i have the same question??whats the purpose of this blog? what do u mean by MAN OF HIS NATURE?just to find out all this i read this blog and i found just nothing!!! everybody knows that hez a sensation these days and thats it!!!

  • sana

    Fawad is a very very nice , very innocent , delicate ,superb acter and so and so.It is not good , writer nay DAASTAN best drama ka ziqar hi nahi kiya.But his best drama is HUMSAFAR.

    • SRA

      fawad is delicate???? lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • jiya

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice guy

  • mahira

    loving person

  • maliha

    nida, uare so right. Nobody will watch Ashk(nobody still does) if it weren't for fawad khan. I don't know what they had come upwith.

    • Nida Zaidi

      Thanks Maliha 🙂

  • Iffat

    Fawad is a good find from the new breed of Pakistani actors; his expressions esp his expressions when he is angry are best. His performance in Dastaan, khuda ke liye are commendable. He does justice to his roles. Keep it up Fawad!!

  • ahmad

    i think all girls are mad for fawad khan

  • kpk

    but the role in dastaan is superb .waheed murad ki yad taza kr di

  • nadia

    huh dream boy .. bekar

  • mehak

    FAWWAD is oh laa laa for every girl i say! he is just wow.. ilove his acting…wish him all the luck and prayers

  • Afshan

    Fawad is looking good in every role

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  • axcio

    he is a decent man

  • woo

    fawad ke sab dramas boht achay hain lekin mujhay humsafar zyada pasand hai