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Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Episode 5 – Going Strong

You know what I like about this sequel the most till now; the fact that it is not a thought provoking drama but it still manages to stir all the right emotions in you. All these episodes of TNS have made me cry a tear or two and they have surely made me laugh as well. I think this is nothing short of an achievement. I simply love the simple but heart tugging dialogues and the perfection with which they are delivered is equally impressive. Each episode of TNS leaves me with a nice feeling and definitely makes me come back for more.

I am glad that I was wrong in assuming that there was no emotional value attached to Faran’s loss. It was Apa begum’s son who was responsible for everything that happened to Faran. Some of you may not know who Apa Begum was, she was Faran’s sister, a very strict woman with a rigid set of rules and regulations to run the house.

Even after so many years Sanya still enjoys torturing Qabacha and I absolutely loved all the scenes with Qabacha and Sanya in them. Qabacha is exceptionally cute; innocent like a grown up baby and only Behroze Sabzwari could have pulled off such a complicated character with such ease. After all how many such actors are out there who can look cute playing such a character. I am absolutely certain that the chemistry that exists between Behroze Sabzwari and Marina Khan is unparalleled, the timing, the dialogue delivery and the expressions, all are always spot-on. Muhammad Ahmed and Haseena Moin have done a superb job with writing the script as well otherwise these characters could not have come alive on-screen with such perfection after so many years. All of Qabacha’s dialogues were masterpieces, lines like “Zehn mei kuch sawalat machal rahe thay”, “tandoor wale sahib, majazi khuda, Chandni ke aba”, “alfaz ka aik samandar tha jo behta ja raha tha”…okay they don’t sound that good when you only read them but they were a delight to hear coming from the legend himself!

Must move forward, enough about Qabacha….I could go on forever though and can you blame me? He is so adorable! Some of the viewers were hoping that Zara may still be alive but Aani said it out loud today “Zara hamei chor ke chali gaye ab vo is duniya mei nahi hai”.

Zain’s helplessness regarding Zeenia’s attitude and Zeenia’s attitude towards her father raised a lot of questions in today’s episode as well. The scene where Zeenia shows Zain her passport and Sanya hugs her was wonderfully done. I got a felling that Sophia, the new character, with whom Zain was talking to on the phone has something to do with the tension between the father and daughter.

There was enough of Zarak Khan (Shehryar Munawar) in this episode and I must say that it may take me sometime to like him. I find the excessive make up that our male actors wear extremely distracting and Shehryaar Munawar was wearing a lot of it. Zarak Khan will have to try harder to win me over unlike all the other characters with whom I fell in love with almost immediately. The Zeenia/Zarak Khan confrontations seemed a little over done maybe because I am not being very fair and comparing them to Qabacha and Saniya!

Tanhaiyaan undoubtedly is going strong and gives me something to look forward to every week. I am hoping that the Zeenia/Zarak track grows on me soon!

Fatima Awan.