Fawad Khan and Humayun Saeed- Same Same but Different!

Ever thought of noticing how similar few of our celebrities are? You must have heard that people often find Fawad Afzal Khan resembling Mr. Bean but you would be amazed to find that I recently found few similarities in between Fawad Khan and Humayun Saeed too. Now this can be really dangerous for me as some of you might totally disagree with the idea, which is quite genuine too; After all both the celebrities are unique in their own way and have different features from eyes to lips.

Up to my knowledge, people haven’t found them resembling in anyway up till now but I have compiled few proofs related to this.   Here they go!


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While I was searching for the images, I came across the fact that there are actually Many of them. Try doing it yourself, Its interesting :).

Waiting for your feedback about it, feel free to criticize or disagree with the thought.

Best Wishes,

Nida Zaidi

  • hina

    HAHAHAHAHA cool 🙂

  • pr0grammer123

    lo00o kahan itna handsome MERAAAA fawad khan..or kaahaan ye bUDhaa humayuuun:/

    • irfan

      Exactly…….he could be campare with other youngster like.imran abbas,Ahsan n mekal,

  • lala

    nice article, but please update home page it needs changing for many weeks now it is showing "zindagi gulzar ha epi 6 review" it gives the impression that site is not updated

    • FatimaAwan

      Lala you are absolutely right. Thank you for the feedback.

  • irfan

    Humyoun is good actors but not cute…Fawad is cute,hot,beautifel along with carrying alot of acting skills…at least plz dont campare tgem im not going against humyoun syed but truely he is neither cute nor beautiful .no resemblance at all……sorry

    • hmmm

      chl oye fawad is only mine tm sb bhAGO YAHAN SAY apnay yar dhoondo

  • manahal

    i personally dnt like fawad khan's comparison wth any one chahe wo tom cruise ho ya humayun saeed… coz has a unique personality, fawad jeisa koi ni… he z hot, dashing, fined actor and a gud human being as well…
    and come on who found resemblence of fawad with mr. bean….

  • Sadaf

    Apples to oranges

  • humna

    please never compare fawad wth anyone else

    • bint E hawa

      never cmpare humayyun with anybdy else

  • sameen

    hahahaha what a title!! so where r the similarities???or even difference!!!

  • Uneza_j

    good work!!!
    but i found just the hair styles similar in most pics….by which i tink u r saying that the resembles!!!!

  • abdulghani

    yar kya zulm kiya fawad ko humayon k sath compare kar k ………faw is owsome and dont resemble fawad with mr.bean

  • saharalvi

    o….. poor fellows! always worship the rising sun……

  • saba

    no similarities…………..

  • bint E hawa

    fawad khan ka kya muqabla humayyun saeed k sath,,, he z the awsome personality…

  • hmmm

    sbki bkwas agr khtm ho chuki to apni maa ya behn deni e fawad ko tm logo nay

  • Shaista

    no resemblance at all

  • fahad

    humayun & fawad both are good actor…nothing else



  • likhari

    shakal to allah nay banae hay muger annkhany to tum ko dee hain zara sahi istimal karo

  • jav

    HMMMM no resembleance at all it's the style same in these pics which they both are Good at their own places no one take anyother's place…

  • drama lover

    Fawad Khan looks nothing like Mr Bean, i'm sorry but that is such a ridiculous comment!!! As for his resemblance with Hamayun Saeed, again the two actors are very different and charming in their own way. However Fawad Khan wins with me every time!!

  • sahar

    interesting, i think the resemblance lies in the way they carry themselves. When they need to look hot ;they do, when cool; they do, when charming ; they do etc. its all about the way they posses their styles in public and media. i liked all pics. no doubt humayun saeed is one from the top stars of mini screens. We should not forget that humayun saeed is already a star with many hits. Fawad khan is at a place where he has given some hits, moving a ahead and we are expecting more from him. both are handsome with remarkable skills of acting. An artist like humayun saeed who does a role like he played in KAFFIR can equally do a role of a romantic hero, where as fawad khan has only the image of a romnatic hero up till now. so fawad khan has alot to do to catch up with Humayun saeed.

    • SEEMAB

      bilkul theek kaha apne… m totaly agree with u… HUMAYUN SAEED z great actor… fawad b ek esa kafir jesa roll kr k dikhaye tu many k kitna bara actor he…

      • Arooba Khan

        han to karskta ha

  • anne

    uffff kia zulm kia
    plz dont compare fawad with anyone…..he is unique,stuuning and MINE

    • RIMH

      wah Muhabbataan Sachiaaan 😀

    • Rameez

      hahahahaha……and MINE ….kia bt h…gud 1:)

  • Ali

    good effort even if they are different but share the similarity of being good actors

  • Moral

    R u nuts ! There is NO comparison between FAWAD KHAN and Humayyun saeed…..
    FAWAD is polished and refined!!
    He chooses his characters with a vidicon and sensibility.
    FAWAD is classy actor and DASHING man….
    Please don't even think of putting him down by coursing him with HS.

  • jiya

    i think its joke to compare fawad with hamayun. fawad u great………………

  • maria syed

    Humayun and Fawad both are good actor…….

  • rabi

    Plz dont compare fawad with anyone….he is unique,stunning,handsome and gorgioues guy and a mindblowing actor..he is a heart throab of pak and now all over the world I LOVE U FAWAD u r mu ideal personality..<3 <3 <3

    • rabi

      sorry typing mistake my ideal personality

    • Arooba Khan

      agreed.humayun ka koi competetion nahi ha iske sath.humayun kahiin sai b nahi milta

  • Qudsia

    now a days Hamayun saeed copying the style of Rogger reddrer…….the rogger fedrrer hair style, dressing, postures every thing..

  • hamid

    humayun saeed is great and more attractive

  • faryal

    ye fawad k sath na insafi hai.