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Fawad Khan and Humayun Saeed- Same Same but Different!

Ever thought of noticing how similar few of our celebrities are? You must have heard that people often find Fawad Afzal Khan resembling Mr. Bean but you would be amazed to find that I recently found few similarities in between Fawad Khan and Humayun Saeed too. Now this can be really dangerous for me as some of you might totally disagree with the idea, which is quite genuine too; After all both the celebrities are unique in their own way and have different features from eyes to lips.

Up to my knowledge, people haven’t found them resembling in anyway up till now but I have compiled few proofs related to this.   Here they go!


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While I was searching for the images, I came across the fact that there are actually Many of them. Try doing it yourself, Its interesting :).

Waiting for your feedback about it, feel free to criticize or disagree with the thought.

Best Wishes,

Nida Zaidi