Fawad Khan Charging Fees for Every Scene!

Fawad Afzal Khan is one of the most popular names of Pakistani Television Industry. He has gained immense fame in the past few years; especially after Humsafar. Well, it seems the fame has got to his head now as he is demanding to get paid for every scene he enacts in a show. This news was reported in an Urdu newspaper recently. Actors are usually paid per episode, but Fawad Khan has formed a new trend of getting paid for every scene!

fawad khanNow other actors are also following this trend set by Fawad Khan and have started charging for every scene. This is bad news for the producers who now have to pay more to actors which interferes with their allocated budget. The actor’s high fees means producers now have to compromise on other aspects of the serial to fulfill the demands of the actors. This might even interfere with the quality of the serials produced in the future.

Many producers want to cast the most demanded and renowned actor of Pakistani Industry: Fawad Khan, but his fees has sky rocketed and most of the producers cannot afford to cast him in their serials. Recently, a producer had to drop Fawad Khan from the cast of his show because of the high fees he was demanding! It has been heard that Fawad is completely booked till 2014 because of two movies and a few other dramas.

Well, one should not only be materialistic in their approach. Money is a very important factor, but should not be the only factor that should be considered when an actor is offered a role. A challenging role can also be a motivation for actors to take up a show.

There are so many fans of Fawad Khan who want to see him more of his shows on Television. Due to his high demand for the payment, he is bound to lose a lot of good projects. He will also be seen in a Bollywood movie pretty soon and according to news; he is also doing another movie. We already know that he has given a nod for the movie produced by Sultana Siddiqui’s which will be her first venture in Lollywood. This might be the second movie mentioned in the news.

Fawad Khan has a huge fan following and the audiences have a lot of expectations from him to do quality projects. Most of the audiences are not being able to connect with his current show on air, Numm, and the main reason is that they had pretty huge expectations from the serial just because Fawad Khan was playing the lead. Numm is a very well made serial, but the high expectations of the viewers had disappointed them as they consider the show not up to the mark that they had set initially.

We really hope Fawad Khan high charges would not interfere with his rising career!

What are your views about this news?

Mariam Shafiq


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    • From close sources I have heard Sultana Siddiqui’s film which will star him and Sajal Ali or a newcomer. Btw I think Fawad is definitely a trend setter in pakistan’s television industry! He has so many fans it is unbelievable! And I must add that it’s silly he is demanding so much money, arrogance shouldn’t get to one. He should take on some good projects and if he’s doing this and the quality of dramas drop as they have dropped badly then God help the television industry. It needs to start improving its quality. Nanhi was good, Kabhi Kabhi is good. Aunn Zara’s quality is rubbish but its so good!

      • No offense & with due respect I don’t think that having chocolatey looks makes an actor some sort of a trend setter. We’ve had far more superior actors who have in terms of acting & versatility set many trends & broke the records. Fawad Khan has had his fan following since he was just a lead singer of his band just because of his looks & that’s wayyy before he stepped into the industry as an actor. He may be good but is not a trend setter because actor alone is nothing & all he does is Shakki Husband roles the best.

          • haina…mene FB per ek do dafa yeh kia keh dia keh yeh Umer Jahangir (Amar-Bail) keh role keh liye fit nahi..Fawad ki koi stupid fan toh mujhko galiyan hi dene lagi..jis per mene bhi khob sunai keh personal attack kion ker rai ho yar..fan ho fan bann ker raho… we all have right to express our views….

          • hehe so u r also himmat wali like Zahra Mirza k okhli may sir day dia lollzzz, agreeeeeeed!! Umer Jahangir’s character is simply marvelous!! Im not sure he is able to handle it or not, no offense with Fawad but that’s what I think, I am an individual and I can like or dislike anything and that’s what Fawad’s fans don’t understand!! they start abusing and bullying, well I guess he has become some demi-god for them.

          • Na na i m ‘bandook wala’ Zahra Ji ne kafi ‘adab’ se bat kari so she is ‘himmat wala’ warna meri toh zuban kafi chalti hai ‘ghayal’ bhi ho sakte hain zuban ki ‘goli’ se..lolx
            Agree yar..he has bcm a DEMI-GOD for thm..who they think is PERFECT..which he isnt offcourse…
            Well Umar is really special to me (yaye i m crazy) so usko atleast agar 100% perfect nai to atleast 99% perfect hona chaiye…and FK daikhne main kai se bhi Umar nai (umar k samne FK ‘kankri pehalwan’ hai) aur acting wize bhi kuch new kare to patah chale na iski range ka…i think Umar koi aisa banda hona chaiye jiski shakal se uska ro’b aur dab daba zahir ho…at the same time woh cute bhi lage sirf jb Alizeh k sath ho…
            U knw thr is a guy ‘Hamza Ali Abbasi’ , isko jb jb daikhti hoon mujhko Umar yad aata hai…bilkul Perfect lagta hai yeh mujhko Umar k character k liye..height, face, body har cheez Perfect hai uski Umar k character k liye aur acting skills bhi Aala hain…wat u think?

          • hehehehe bandook wala and kakri pehalwan lolllzz, well don’t know this guy hamza ali abbasi, had to google it and sorry to say im not liking him… hehe no offense :) , I just love Umer Jahangir’s character, he is the best of the best , may be that’s y im getting so picky!!

          • hmm i can understand..Umar is special to every1..jst watch this telefilm “ek tha raja aur ak thi rani”..tab batana u liked him in it or not…

        • hahaha aap toh kaafi HIMMAT WALA niklin hahaha..shakki husband roles….lolx yeh baat toh Fawad k fans ko jala jala ker rakh ker degi…..but yar iska bhi kia kusoor yeh apne fan following ki wajah se hamisha “hero” ban ker rahega “actor” nahi bann sake ga..though he is a good actor but now sounds monotonous…..infact agar kuch new try bhi kerta hai toh flop ho jata hai…so “Mr. Over-Hyped” k aggressive fans take a chill pill yaar…mujhe dekho i m crazy Mahira Khan fan but i knw she is not the “BEST”..jis terhan Mahira ko abhi bohat Hard-work kerna parega BEST banne keh liye issi terhaan Fawad ko abhi bohat kuch kerna hai..but aisi news perhkar aur industry keh logo ki batain sun ker lagta hai keh shohrat sar par char gai hai..jo i think khud iske liye bhi acha nahi..

          • LOL! Love your comments Aiman & Sumbal. Haan bhai, aik TV actor hi hai na who won’t even know k log yahan uski khatir larne marne ko tayar ho jatay hain. People like some actors & do not like some others as well. Sabki apni marzi & meri thori opposite hai so I am not afraid of raising my opinions. ;) LOL!

  • He seems so arrogant and proud. I mean I like him, but, the popularity shouldn’t get you that hard.
    (No offends to the fawad lovers)

    • i guess he is right……because the producers/director record so
      many scenes which at the end doesn’t needed…….but time for actor is
      very short……..he did right thing now only required scenes must me
      shorted not extra scenes which never required to be taken.

      this will help to minimize wastage of time of both producers/directors and Actors as well.

      yeh india me bhi start ho jay ga….aur koi pata nahi hollywood me
      already aysa ho raha ho…..hum hae nai cheez ho pehlay negative he
      samjhtay hain uskay faiday bohat der say samjh atay hain.

  • this is fake news… if u r right then pove the news with refrence kis newspaper ma aya ha date n paper name batao net available ha sb pata chal jae ga… :P

    • it is published in daily naibaat on 7th october 2013, on page 10 website is naibaat.com.pk

      • kahan ha bhai page 10 pe muje tu kahien nazar nai aa raha na lahore walay ma na karachiwalay ma….!

        • sunny you have to go to the paper of Lahore, then to 7th October first use the calendar on the top left of screen on naibaat.com.pk to go to newspaper of 7th October and then go to page 10 the national/international heading the menu.

  • I want to be clear all the things i know fawad khan is a very nice & complete gentle man but according to his blockbusters & the budget of today’s pakistan He is doing right I think first tell which newspaper has paste this news & when??I did’nt see in any newspaper & peoples before trust this news you all have to confirm with official site & other things that makes this sure fawad khan is so nice & beautiful his every drama get’s superhit & becoz he spend alot of money in donating funds & his diabetis Doctors said him for getting proper attention in the health so its need alot of money and the others things are….
    The basic thing is he is so undefineable man love him!!!!!

  • To be honest, I really can’t blame him. With great fame, comes great pride, it’s natural human nature. Though I wouldn’t like to see any differences in Pakistani Dramas regarding quality, I think if I were in his position I would have done the same.
    But, naturally, as a viewer of quite a few Pakistani Dramas, I really hope not many actors take this trend as their own because I think, TV serials are the only thing(television wise) Pakistan is better when compared to India.

  • He is one of the best actors we have in Pakistan. If he will demand to much price he is bound to loose out on good projects. His on-air show isn’t really doing well. I saw couple of episodes just because of him but couldn’t get attached to the show.

    Plus I heard his bollywood movie might be opposite Sonam Kapoor in Khoobsurat remake produced by her sister!

  • Actor’s career time span is very short …. So it is his right to earn as much money as he can in that short duration… There is nothing arrogance over this… If a company is looking to hire the best employee from his rival company then they naturally need to shelve more money and provide more benefits to the employee…

  • its non of our business who is taking how much. He is a good actor n he surely deserves much than others …

  • Tu producers ko chahy in ko dafa rhy aur new logonko acting ka change dy simple is tarhan hm log be bor nahi ho gay :)

  • He is a TOTAL prick, arrogant and self important. After his plastic surgery and humsafar, he could not keep his feet on the ground. I lost interest in his dramas from 2011 onwards :( Fahad Mustafa has much more style, class and substance! I would like to see them together in a drama but it’s going to be impossible because of Fahad’s ego factor which weighs in heavily. TWAT.

  • True as sum of us said its not our business. … jo jis pani mn hota ga wohi surrounding ko janta ha …. n this is very important for these actors most of the time their pay checks r delayed for a long time. .. n he is not proud his all coworkers always say he is the most amazing person…. n apny kam sa kam rakhnay wala

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