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Fawad Khan Explains Why He Does Not Want To Do Intimate Scenes

Fawad Khan is hot commodity in India nowadays. The fact that this young actor has graced the cover of FilmFare Magazine and the cover reads “Fawad Khan – The Cross Border Turk who is giving our heroes sleepless nights” shows that Fawad Khan has made a name for himself in the Bollywood film industry. The magazine with Fawad Khan’s photo shoot and pictures will be released next month but some of the pictures and excerpts from the interview have been doing rounds in the media which the magazine wants people to see and read to promote their next issue.

Fawad Khan has always made it very clear that he is not going to do any intimate scenes in his film. That is why he is asked again and again why he is against doing such scenes, in the interview to FilmFare he said, “Doing intimate scenes is something I’m uncomfortable with . Because it will not appeal to the sensibilities of my audience back home. I have to go back and work there. I won’t be a girgit (chameleon) and change my colours just because I am working here.”

Fawad Khan sports a very rugged look in his photo shoot for FilmFare which has really been liked by his fans. Here is the cover of the October issue of the magazine and some pictures from the photo shoot:

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