Fawad Khan Praises Saba Qamar!

Fawad Khan has pretty much become an icon of our Entertainment Industry and the heartthrob of not only Pakistan but India too. Girls go gaga and drool over this handsome hunk of Lollywood and Bollywood, but Fawad Khan is more than just looks; he is a very hard-working actor who is very supportive of his fellow actors as well as the Pakistan film Industry. We’ve got proof to prove this point today!

Recently, Fawad was spotted at Super Cinemas in Lahore and he recorded a video message for his fans.

In the video he tells us that he was at the cinema to watch ‘Yalghar’ and encourages his fans to watch all the Pakistani films released this Eid. He also mentions Saba Qamar and her performance for Hindi Medium. He praises her acting in these words,

“I think Saba Qamar has done an absolutely fantastic job (in Hindi Medium).”

We can’t help but agree with Fawad, Saba has done a wonderful job in the film after all. Her Bollywood debut Hindi medium brought her under the limelight not only in Pakistan but India too and had some of India’s biggest stars praise her brilliant acting in the film too.

We hope she does a great job in her upcoming drama on Urdu1- Baaghi.

Also, what do you guys think of Fawad’s new look? Yay or nay?

Arsala Khalid