Faysal Quraishi Asks People To Be More Open-Minded

Faysal Quraishi always comes across as a person who speaks his mind but not in a way that offends anyone. He likes his fans to know how he feels about everything which means that he respects them just as much as they respect him. Faysal Quraishi is also one of those very few actors who concentrate on their looks just as much as they work on their acting skills. We have always seen him sporting different looks in different dramas according to the character which he is playing. In order to play the leading role of Bashar in Bashar Momin, Faysal Quraishi grew a beard and he also changed his hairstyle. Now that the drama has ended and he is busy with the shooting of his next drama MOL. He is clean shaved in this drama and his hairstyle has changed too.


When an actor changes his outlook so often different people react differently. Some people appreciate the changes and others want them to stick to the same look but what Faysal Quraishi faces is more of a paradox. He had to put up what he thought about his fans’ reaction to his changing looks as a status update. He said that when he grew a beard people were saying what is wrong, actors do not grow a beard like this etc. And now that he shaved his beard people say that he looked better in the beard! Faysal Quraishi does not sound very happy with this scenario. Faysal thinks that we do not accept change readily, that is something which he believes needs to be changed. He asked his fans to be more open-minded otherwise they will never be able to get any where in life.