“Faysal Qureshi Is My Favorite Host” – Rubina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf is a versatile actress who has been attached to the drama industry for a very long time. She was invited by Faysal Qureshi as a guest on his new Morning Show “Salam Zindagi” on ARY Zindagi. Faysal Qureshi was hosting a Morning Show on TV One but then he decided to give himself a break because he felt that he could not give dramas enough time because of the show. Now he is back hosting his own show and no one is as happy about it as Rubina Ashraf.


When Rubina Ashraf came to the show she could not hide her excitement. She said that Faysal Qureshi was the best Morning Show host. She also said,

“I am a Morning Show person, I want to watch these shows in the morning and when Faysal was hosting the show before I used to call him daily during his shows on his cell phone and he always answered my calls.”



Rubina Ashraf is very happy that Faysal Qureshi is hosting a Morning Show once again. Usually celebrities do not express their likes and dislikes very openly because they don’t want to offend other colleagues but Rubina Ashraf was very open about who she thought was the best.

Watch the show here: