Faysal Qureshi Speaks Against Firdous Jamal

Firdous Jamal has been under the radar for stating his opinion and passing remarks on Mahira Khan lately. Firdous Jamal’s words did not sit well with Mahira Khan’s fans and supporters. Where a lot of celebrities came in support of Mahira Khan, Momina Duraid also went one step ahead and announced banning Firdous Jamal. Momina Duraid said she was ashamed that Firdous Jamal was a part of this fraternity and that she will not work with him again. Mahira Khan tackled this issue with maturity and shared a handwritten letter where she promoted love and positivity. 

This entire fiasco started on Faysal Qureshi’s morning show Salam Zindagi which airs on ARY Zindagi. Faysal Qureshi was showing pictures of different actors and taking remarks of Firdous Jamal and Hamza Firdous. Where Firdous Jamal did say good things about others, he stated what he wanted to about Mahira Khan. According to Firdous Jamal, Mahira Khan was a mediocre actor and he said she was a model. Firdous Jamal also continued to say that Mahira Khan was overaged to play the role of a heroine. He stated that Mahira Khan should now go for older roles. Faysal Qureshi at that point did not say anything only due to his respect for Firdous Jamal but now he decided to share his perspective. Faysal Qureshi appeared in BOL Nights with Ahsan Khan and that is where he stated what he did not like about Firdous Jamal’s statement. 

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According to Faysal Qureshi, he did not like anything that Firdous Jamal said but because he was a guest on his show, he could not say anything to him to make him stop. Faysal Qureshi said that Firdous Jamal should not have commented on Mahira Khan’s age because that was wrong on so many levels. Ahsan Khan did however let Faysal Qureshi know that his response at that time didn’t suggest that he was not pleased to hear whatever Firdous Jamal was saying but in his defence, Faysal said he had to stay quiet out of respect.

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On a recent talk show with host #AhsanKhan, morning show host and actor #FaysalQuraishi briefly discusses how he did not like the way veteran actor #FirdousJamal attacked beloved actress #MahiraKhan for her age. @khanahsanofficial @faysalquraishi Video by @bolentofficial

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  • fasial is also a cheap person.firdos jmal ny b koi acha kaam ni keya ic omer mein aysi baten mjy lgta hy k mahira un k sath as a heroin ni ati ic leay.pr mahira ku itni bigr rhe hy hy to overage he na itna ghusa ku face sy idea hota hy na

  • Faisal lost all respect for me….he changed his view nit cuz of pressure from viewers and to safe his repute otherwise we all know how much he dislikes actors and actresses who get a chance to work in bollywood…..he is just a self centred, jealous and a patriarchist…

  • AoA;
    Though it was not appropriate of a person of the stature of Mr Firdous Jamal to give such personal remarks on air, still now-a-days so much is being said about freedom of speech, right to speak one’s mind that I fail to understand why everyone is taking Firdous Jamal’s comments so personally expect for Mahira herself. She opted for a composed behavior & cool reply.

  • Faisal qureshi is now playing with words he didn’t say anything because he respects as he said but then why had an evil smile on his face ? I really dnt like those people who doesn’t support out artists n the artists who are jealous or do not like other artists. I salute shaan shahid I’m a big fan of him he is the best hero in the entire industry. Love for shaan shahid

    • You probably neither watch Salam Zindagi nor know anything about Faysal Qureshi. He didn’t have evil smile. He said he was shocked that it has gone live. The industry isn’t sweets and roses. Everyone has their darker side. Firdous Jamal has been on the show twice before in three years and he has been very lenient in some views and harsh in others. but he never took names. Faysal, when heared about it was shocked and that happens to everyone. If you know even 0.1% about FQ or the show, Adi and Faizan have teased Faysal hundreds of times on the show before saying that he is a huge fan of Mahira Khan. Once they even said that he has a picture of Mahira Khan in his wallet, obviously a joke but it should be a sense of pride for Mahira that a great actor like Faysal Qureshi is her fan. Also Faysal Qureshi, although a fan once,when asked who is the better actress Mahira or Saba Qamar, chose Saba over Mahira. So they all consider Mahira a big star but she is certainly not a good actress. Ab ja k dobara pamper pehnen or angootha choosna shuru karden ap!

  • Firdaus Jamal is a legend n senior n he shouldn’t use this statement he should appreciate ournew talent n should support them as a senior he shouldn’t do that if senior do lol this then what junior will learnfrom them if our senior do likr this so please spread love n respect n i really love M.K she is our real superstar.

  • Lets go plz evrrything happen in this world and media is so unprectiable just move on from this unimportant conterversary plz

  • I hate you more now Faisal Qureshi. Ab tum itnay popular nahi rahay isi liye ab attention lene ke liye apna statement badla hai. I know tum kisi dislike karte ho aur kise nahi. Iss industry mein sirf sifarish chalti hai. Aur aggar tum Firdous Jamal ki baat se agree karte toa sab log tum pe criticize karte. Dekha hai maine tumhara morning show kitne badtameez ho tum. Aur kis tarah apne badhon ka mazaaq udhate ho aur unn se baat karte ho.

    Shame on those people who have insulted Firdous Jamal and disrespected him. This shows that how much these people respect their elders and their parents. Yehi comments Mawra Hocane ya Mehwish Hayat ke liye kahe hote Mr. Jamal ne toa sab agree karte. Because we all are double standard. Mahira ko toa pata nahi kya banaya hua hai inn sab logo ne. I don’t agree with what he said. But I feel like he is not much aware about Mahira Khan but also he just said all those things without even thinking. But he is not wrong that Mahira is an average actress. He also said that it is just his opinion. Lekin hum log koi mauqa kaise jaane dein apne badhon ko zaleel karne ka.

  • Buzdil Faisal se ye umeed ni thi. Sache insan k liy stand ni le saka Kiya gustakhi kr di . Meea Kiya orat ni jis Ka tum sub mil kr mazq urte ho . Kitne monafqt ha. Mahira tum logn ko agy kr k sweet bn rehi ha.

  • Faisal is just covering his back or so the thinks he is, he should have kept quiet this way he is only making his fan list shorter

  • Please don’t discuss this matter again &again we have many social issued for discussion so CALLED libral nashay baaz

  • Faisal qureshi you are also mediocre actor not a good skills so you are flop in films u better know. Firdous sir is legend in our country.your show is also flop u have no position to talk about legend.

  • As Faisal qureshi knows that this age point shall also go for him as well at this age he also interested to appear as hero k. Big screen so that is why he has to defend her

  • agr ap ko itna he bura laga tha faisal sahab to ap kise ko apny show ma bula k mashwary q mangtay hay shame on you,i was really like you but how you chnage your self with maira i really hate you,jab ap kise ko bolny ka moqa dety ha or khud poochty ha to phr kya takelf ha wo kuch b mashwra da usny ye to nai kaha k maira ab mujra start kry ya iteam song kry ya nachna shoro kr day.idiot stupid people.do not call any guest in your show and do not ask them any question.

  • In the first place why has faisal put this segment showing pics of celebrities to guests and asking their opinion, they themselves are asking for troubles or may be to raise the trp of morning show only

  • Faisal qurashi ne bht ghalat harqat ki, khud he show main kha ke mahira ki koi film hit nhi hui, pir firdous Jamal se opinion Lia, ab sirf khud ko bacha rha hai. Very Cheap Act!!!

  • Shame on you you and shame on media when women or men show nudity or intimacy then no one come and criticise
    If the legend talk about age all of the sleeping media wakes up and talk liberally
    Shame in you , shame on you who ever disrespect firdous jamal
    He is a legend!

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