Maya Ali’s “Balma Bhagora” Gets Mixed Response

Maya Ali and Shehryar Munawwar starrer Paray Hut Love is set to release on Eid ul Azha this year. Maya Ali has been giving teasers about the song Balma Bhagora on her Instagram account but now the video was released and people are not sure what to say. This video has been getting mixed responses. The song Balma Bhagora is sung by Aima Baig and it is only a promotional song of the movie. 

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Balma Bhagora has garnered 400K plus views on Youtube ever since its release 3 days ago. Balma Bhagora did get the attention that the team of Paray Hut Love was looking for but people are underwhelmed with everything that they got to see. The editing and special effects of the video are also being heavily criticised. Maya Ali happens to be the main dancer of the song but surprisingly, Zara Noor Abbas is getting all the love and not Maya Ali. Maya Ali has worn a revealing dress; a skimpy backless blouse and a lehanga with a slit, which is paired with long boots? Maya Ali has put in a lot of effort but she still hasn’t been able to wow the viewers because it is obvious that the entire focus was on her looks and dressing but not on the dance. Maya Ali has gone for grungy makeup look with wavy hair and the entire look is making her look like a hot mess. The song which is promoted as a dance number has so much going for it but the dance and choreography itself is the least impressive. A thing known as synchronization was unknown to all the dancers of this song and it is not an appeasing visual. Balma Bhagora seems like a cheap copy of any Bollywood song. Maya Ali clearly lacks that screen-presence, zest and energy. 

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Shehryar Munawwar is trying to brag his swag but it is still unclear what he is trying to do. Ahmad Ali Butt and Zara Noor Abbas happen to be the saving grace of this song because their screen presence, expressions and energy is on-point. Rachel Viccaji along with other members of the cast are also briefly seen in the video and the impact they have made is just like their screen-time – brief. 

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Maya Ali must not have thought that the song that she is going to be the face of, will get Zara Noor Abbas more love and appreciation for it. Viewers of the song can not stop comparing the two and unanimously, people are more pleased with the fact that Zara Noor Abbas is decently dressed and looks far more graceful than Maya Ali. People also can’t stop commenting on Maya Ali’s weight loss and the overall look. 

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Shamoon Abbasi also took it to social media to share his disappointment with the song and the way it was created. Shamoon Abbasi has criticised it saying this was a joke in the name of creativity. 

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  • Shukr that now i can comment again! Anyway, yeah it was poorly poorly choreographed and a cheap copy of an even cheaper bollywood style of songs. Was not pleasing to the ears too! Song kamm, lullaby ziada lag raha tha! -_- not to mention the poor performance of some stars involved.

  • Also did somebody notice that only 3 background dancers were there and they have changed them into multiple by green screen. All faces are same 😂

  • جسم فروش سے اور کیا امید لگائی جا سکتی.،کچھ تو اپنی تہذیب کا خیال کرو.

  • Shame on our director and dance choreographer! Shame on Maya Ali. She is wearing revealing clothes! Don’t know why all actresses lose their grace when they work in the movies. Also, Sheheryar Munawar is a bad actor. Don’t know how he is getting movies! In this song he has totally failed to impress. Zara Noor Abbas is looking the best!

    I also want to criticize on Superstar movie. Our many people are dying to watch these movies on Eid. Boycott these two movies. Because they are nothing but a pathetic copy of bollywood movies. Also all the actors are ‘parchis’! Only Maya Ali and Zara Noor are good actoresses. The rest can’t act! Especially Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar. Our film industry has proven that anyone can be a director, writer and actor.

  • I was huge fane of Maya Ali… but in this song she crosses all the limits…… what she think! by nacked body she got fame????? Never maya ali never… aurat jitni baaahaya ho ge utni hi payari lagy ge… think..

  • Oh God! I couldn’t sit through 30 seconds of this song!!! It’s so cringeworthy. Maya Ali looks awful.

  • Cheap and cringeworthy 🤮 Hate these wannabes and Bollywood obsessed freaks! Parey hut love seems nothing like a Pakistani movie.Everything screams Bollywood! Same goes for Superstar.People should boycott these Hindu culture influenced movies.Pakistani cinema should show Pakistan!

  • Maya Ali is neither an actress nor a model. She is extremely vulger. Such a vulger dressing is not our culture. Aur is tarha ke dressing kr k Maya Ali agr ye samajhti hy k loug us ko like karain gay to ye Maya ke galat-fehmi hy. Family k sath beith kr koi b aisi gandi dressing ni daikh sakta. Pta ni aisay kapray kaisay pehn liay hain maya ny. Infact kapra to bht km use hwa hy……..

  • Udher wo Mahira khud ko kaki samjhti hy aur kuch logon ko b lagta hy k wo choti c bachi hy. “Raees” star…. Kamal hy…. Raees to flop movie the. Aur ye us movie may 5 scenes kr k star bn gai….

  • Pakistani celebs cannot take any criticism these days, if you say this is too revealing, they call you backwards and narrow minded, we are supposed to be mindless sheep watching and only praising. I am in no way close minded, but this is not something Maya wore privately , she did it in a movie for the world to see. I have no idea what is happening in Pakistan now. Honestly people in England are more conservative. Also why is it when any one sheds weight they strip down.

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