Feeling Sad? Read This….

No matter how blessed, positive or upbeat a person is, every now and then everyone feels gloomy. There are times when all of us don’t have the strength to go on with life; the reasons for feeling this way can be many. It could be because we have just lost a loved one, are not feeling well, someone we love is unwell, things are not going the way we had planned, there are too many problems to which we do not have the solution or simply because you get up one morning and feel sad. Yes, there are times when we feel sad and lonely for no reason at all. What do you do when you feel this way? Do you try and get yourself out of this state of mind or do you let it take the best of you? Every time I feel sad I try and gather myself up as soon as I can, although it is not easy but the following things that I am listing below help. It would be very nice of you to take out some time and go through what I have to say.

When you are feeling depressed, tell yourself tomorrow is another day. Yes this is the first trick in the book for me, no matter how wrong things are today, there is always tomorrow to look forward to. I remember when I was a little girl I used to love the song “tomorrow tomorrow I love you tomorrow because you are always a day away”. It made perfect sense to me then and it still makes perfect sense to me now. No matter how tough life is today and how sad you may feel tomorrow is going to be a brand new day which will give you the energy and strength to start afresh.



Count your blessings. We hardly ever sit down to count our blessings on daily basis, in our hearts we are all thankful that all is going well for us but how many of us actually sit down to think about the things that we should be thankful for. Next time you feel dejected, sad, despondent, low-spirited or downcast do try and count your blessings. I am not in the favor of comparing oneself with others but sometimes it does help. Compare yourself to those who are less privileged, the people who have to work day and night for bread and butter or those around you who are not as blessed as you are. It will definitely make you feel a lot better and maybe a little grateful too.


Think of days that were worse than the one you are having today. Yes comparison again, when you think things could not get any worse and you can’t find a way out of things then think of the days when you had more problems. This way you will realize your strength and also understand that all bad days end and there are good times ahead.



Read something inspirational. I always read inspirational quotations or a short novel that will motivate me to look ahead and get over the sadness. Simple quotations like “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” make me feel good very quickly.


Talk to someone you can pour your heart out to. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a sibling, parent or a friend whom they can confide in or are so close to that they do not have to think twice before sharing with them how they feel. But if you have someone like that in your life, you are very lucky and I suggest you make the most of it. Talk to that person, get it out of your system and you are sure to feel better.


Write down how you feel. If you have no one talk to, write the way you feel or anything you want to on a piece of paper. Sometime writing your thoughts down can actually give you solution to your problems and if nothing else it gives you a chance to vent out.


If you have kids around you, spend some time with them. Spending time with children can be very therapeutic sometimes because you don’t expect anything from them and they give you a reason to smile.



Get out of the house and be around people who you know love you. When one is felling sad, you don’t usually want to go out but if you push yourself and go out and be with people who are closest to you, you will get some positive energy from them that will help. You don’t have to share how you feel but all you need to do is to be around them.


Last but not the least, here is something that will definitely help.



Tell us what you do to cheer yourself up.

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