“Fellow Actresses are Jealous Of Me” Says Meera

Meera has mastered the art of making news every time she is given a forum to speak on. Her views on acting, showbiz, Pakistani Film Industry, media and life in general are always all over the tabloids, since she is very vocal about everything.

"Fellow Actresses are Jealous Of Me" Says Meera

Recently, she has spoken to Express News and talked quite in detail about her career. We have some excerpts for you here;

Talking about the film industry, Meera said that there is a conspirator lobby that does not want our movies to flourish. That is why movies are being made and actors and actresses are working in them but we don’t have any super star yet. 

Meera also remembered her journey that when she had entered showbiz, nobody could dream that an ordinary girl like me would reach such heights of success and fame. She said “I am so successful now that people are associating themselves with my name”. She added that she does not mind when peopl e try to associate with her to achieve popularity but she wants to remind that she has only achieved so much through sheer hard work. So, they should concentrate on working harder, rather than taking Meera’s name for finding a short cut to fame.

"Fellow Actresses are Jealous Of Me" Says Meera

Meera further explained that she has performed well in many different roles in Lollywood and hence she was offered to perform in Bollywood movie. There are actresses who have invested their own money to bag roles in Bollywood, but when you compare the work, you can easily spot who is talented and who is not.

She said she is well aware of the fact that people use her name to achieve cheap popularity. Some make her parodies, some spread untrue rumours about her and some even claim to be married or engaged to her, but she is so used to all these rumours by now that she merely laughs them away. 

Meera is very thankful to Almighty that He has given her such talent that she becomes the centre of attention wherever she goes.

This is why her fellow actresses become jealous of her. 

"Fellow Actresses are Jealous Of Me" Says Meera




Mehwish Mansoor