Feroze Khan and Humaima Malick On Tonite With HSY – Must-Watch Clips!

Feroze Khan and Humaima Malick were HSY’s guests in the recent episode of Tonite With HSY. Unlike the previous episode in which Syra Shahroze and Alishba Yusuf gave people a great deal to talk about, Feroze Khan and Humaima Malick kept their answers short and to the point. Apart from this, HSY also did not try hard enough to get detailed answers from them maybe because they are all really good friends. Steering clear of controversial issues was one thing which stood out more than any other thing about this show. It also appeared like Feroze Khan and Humaima Malick knew what kind of questions they were going to be asked because the answers were too calculated and their thoughts too clear, they did not even take a lot of time to think about the answers.

HSY also asked them the ultimate question that why were their surnames different so that mystery is finally solved! Feroze and Humaima both talked about Feroze’s relationship status with Sajal Ali with caution. Both of them also rated Sajal a better actress, it was an awkward moment when Humaima said that Aisha Khan was the most overrated actress of 2016 since Feroze and Aisha are playing the lead in Aik Pal and they are getting along very well too. Feroze also gave Sajal the highest points among all the actresses he was asked to rate. He also said that Sajal is a better actress than Aisha Khan.

Humaima Malick said that she would love to wake up as Mahira Khan some day because she will get to work with Shah Rukh Khan then. Another awkward moment was when Humaima was giving Feroze clues to guess his own name and she said “jaan” – to which Feroze replied “Shan”! Humaima and Shan have recently done a movie together so this might create some controversy. Both the actors shared their feelings about negativity on social media and their opinions were poles apart. They also revealed what their future plans were.

Here are the most interesting bits from the show! Enjoy!

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