Yeh Raha Dil Episode 08 – Heart-warming!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was a little high on emotions but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I must say the thing I love the most about this drama is the fact how all the emotions & all the situations have been conveyed so beautifully that no matter what comes my way, I find myself liking it. So, this was exactly the case with this episode too that even though it didn’t have any comic scenes or situations, everything that was shown was quite convincing & realistic.

So, Hayat finally showcased her desperation to earn her home back that she made such sort of commitment to Haroon where she promised that she will pay him back & buy her house from him. I think this is something admirable here that even though Hayat has no plan of action, she has nothing in her hands but all she has is a hope & a dream to get her house back one day. Even though Hayat has assessed Zaki & his family background quite well so far, but isn’t it amazing that Hayat hasn’t thought of exploiting Zaki or Haroon’s niceness & their courtesy even once? Even though in the beginning Hayat was introduced as someone who would manipulate people & sweet-talk them into achieving what she wanted but that was for the smallest of favors but it is actually quite interesting to see that now when she should be resorting to manipulation or things like that, she chose honesty & dignity over everything. It actually is a breath of fresh air to see a girl who believes in herself & is so self-sufficient that despite being in a dire situation, she isn’t looking for shortcuts!

Despite not wanting to, Zaki has grown a lot more courteous towards Hayat because he has finally realized that Hayat is in a difficult situation. The way Zaki tried to cheer Hayat up when he was on the way to drop her to her home was quite cute. For the first time, Hayat showed another trait of her personality that if she puts her mind to something, she will do anything to achieve it. Zaki tried to make Hayat realize that what she was wishing for wasn’t easy but Hayat chose to ignore everything that he was saying because she knew, she didn’t need to hear all of that as it might distract her from her motive.

Finally, Zaki got to meet Nida’s parents. As awkward as that entire interaction was, I loved that scene because it had so much going on in it. I love the fact how the director has made sure to showcase the personalities of all the characters through their reactions in different situations. It has been made clear that Nida is immature but it is a fact that she might be immature but she is not naïve or aloof to her surroundings. Nida could see that her parents especially her mother wasn’t leaving a good impression on Zaki but she tried really hard to cover up & in the end looked at Zaki in such a way as if she was expecting him to understand without registering what her mother was saying. Even though Nida is a little difficult but I like the fact that she hasn’t been shown as a completely negative character. Yes, Nida can be someone that people may form an opinion about a bit too quickly but overall, she is unapologetically like that & at least she makes Zaki happy (for now though). Nida might act impulsively in different situations but the moment she met her parents she knew something was off & that is why she even inquired about it & got to know that their parents were separated & were considering getting divorced, like this is something an indifferent or emotionally absent person would’ve never been able to guess but Nida did, which showed that she isn’t completely immature.

Yes, Nida’s attitude & her overall independent personality might be a point of concern for Haroon because she is not the sort of a partner he wants for his son as he knows Zaki’s weaknesses a a bit too well, that is why time & again he keeps on complaining about Nida’s attitude. Nida has lived her life independently, that is why she finds it hard to communicate with Zaki regarding each & everything because for her pretty much every other thing is nominal whereas for Zaki, things don’t work that way, that is why he seemed a little taken aback by Nida’s demand of showing her parents the house that Haroon bought for him.

So, Affaq finally came to his old house & inquired about the owner. I think it was good that the director didn’t drag this entire thing up & brought the story to such a point where Hayat & Affaq faced each other. Obviously, Hayat hasn’t been in a good place lately & on top of that, seeing her father in front of her after 20 years came as a shock to her. It looks like even though Affaq has done well for himself in his professional life but when it comes to his personal life, he feels empty & a huge void, which definitely has a lot to do with his decision of leaving Hayat & her mother behind. Also, Nida’s mother did say that her & Affaq’s relation was a bit shaky, so I am sure this must be another reason why he seemed so regretful because he must’ve thought that he found a compatible partner in the form of Nida’s mother but he actually didn’t & even after so many years, he was once again at the brink of a divorce. It did seem that he was ready to start afresh with Hayat but I don’t think that would be fair on Hayat’s part to give him a space in her life just because he wants it. I think Affaq will have to earn his place back in Hayat’s life because he has no idea what she has gone through all these years in his absence, so her tantrum or hesitation is quite believable!

Overall, I loved this episode of Yeh Raha Dil too. This episode also had some few but very meaningful conversations, especially the ones that Affaq & Zaki shared every now & then. I must say Ayesha Sana played her part really well & I will also praise the stylist this time around because just by looking at both Nida & her mother, one could tell that they both are related to each other, like there was so much of similarity between them. I actually laughed a lot when Nida told Zaki how she enjoyed being suspicious because that’s something that females enjoy the most. Also, the way Zaki brought food & clothes for Hayat was quite sweet. This drama somehow has a lot of warmth & sweetness attached to it which is something that I love about it the most. All the actors did a commendable job. It is actually quite nice to see Ahmed Ali sharing a unique kind of chemistry with both Anam Gohar & Yumna Zaidi. Ayesha Sana was a nice addition to this episode even though her character was quite odd but she did a commendable job in portraying that. I can’t wait for the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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