Few Celebs got all the praise at LSA for decently dressing up

Where celebrities at LSA 2019 wear best of thee best outfits by Ace designers, everybody was spot on with their style, glamour and look. From the hair to the make up and to the outfit everything was so on point but in this glamour and glitz many of our very own girls were noticed by their fans and Naveen Waqar, Zara Noor Abbas, Ushna Shah,Mawra hussain, Meera and Mehwish Hayat were found wearing decently modern outfits and all these girls were appreciated because they weren’t revealing and yet modern. Fans think that these girls should really take a bow for breaking the stereotype of wearing fully glamorous yet revealing clothes. It seems that the public in pakistan appreciate single desirable steps of these personalities. Our celebrities should more often flaunt our culture in the shows, we are sure they will buy whole fan following by doing this. Here Naveen Waqar and Zara Noor abbas were highlighted most by fans. Screenshot 20190808 010032 1

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  • Take time and see Ushna shah’s dress again, it’s complete but still quite revealing and was in worst dresses of the evening. Rest 4 ladies dressed up nicely

  • Ushna Shah’s dress was backless. And Mawra is wearing a lace blouse and is still revealing. I hope they potray their culture like the way hollywood showcase theirs.

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