Khaas Episode 16 Story Review – Very Special

Opening Thoughts – Special:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was superb. It was intense, it was just perfectly executed. There are so many emotions and so many underlying thoughts of the characters which have been conveyed brilliantly. Khaas is actually living up to its name & is turning out to be quite Khaas. I will definitely take my words back & I will say that this drama is not aam anymore. I am really glad that the writer chose such a complex subject & wrote it in such a simple manner. The director Danish Nawaz has done wonders to the script of Sarwat Nazeer & this drama just keeps on getting better & better!

Saba Is All Alone:

Saba once again found herself in a deep pit. Ammar once again put her in a tight spot & made her look like a culprit in front of her father. Saba has not once said anything to anyone about Ammar, she has dealt with this entire baggage herself so far. Saba did speak to Ammar’s parents but that too was her desperate attempt to save this marriage. Saba has not even said anything but she is being constantly reminded by everyone around her that it is she who is wrong. It is her fault that she sees faults in Ammar. Saba didn’t even say a thing but her father was yet another reminder to her that she was all alone in this battle & that she will not find any support from anywhere whatsoever. Saba was once again told to put up with everything in the name of marriage & not only that, she was clearly told that she was wrong even if she was being slightly irritated with Ammar. Saba has actually understood that she is going to lose in an attempt of making people believe that Ammar was not as ideal as he has posed to be.

Salma has done what she came in contact with Ammar for. She has finally proposed because she has seen that he is not only unhappy, but he is there for her all the time. Salma knows that Ammar is the kind of person who will not back out, only to prove himself. Salma is divorced & she sees Ammar as a perfect “option” to settle down once again. Ammar has also welcomed Salma with open arms & he has made it obvious to her right from the beginning that his wife holds no importance in his life, that is why Salma got the edge & the courage to propose marriage to Ammar.

So, Nida was shattered & she tried yet again but was returned without a hope. Nida thought all that she found out was enough of a shock for her but she had no idea who the person it was that Fakhir was in love with. Nida tried really hard to make Fakhir love her but she failed. It is at times interesting to see similarities between Ammar & Nida, even though Nida is still naive & innocent but at times she does remind that she is Ammar’s sister after all. She can be just as rude or cold as him but still, she is nice. It is one of the strengths of this drama that the writer has added so many shades in all the characters, they all seem well-rounded & well-etched out.

Saba knows she has no one to talk to, that is why she once again relied on Fakhir. Fakhir is just being there for Saba, he listens to her, advises her & then, he lets her know that she is not wrong. This is the only thing Saba needs to hear at this moment to get going & to face everything that Ammar is putting her through. Saba just takes Fakhir as a friend & she has no idea that he has feelings for her but now Nida knows. So, Nida finally found out that Fakhir is in love with her sister in law & Ammar’s wife Saba. That scene was so intense, like right from the beginning when Nida steps in Fakhir’s home, that is where it all started at & it was done so so well, everything, every angle, even the background music was apt. I actually thought Nida will create a havoc but she stayed silent, may be she wants to know from Saba or she wants to inform Ammar. This thing will obviously turn against Saba. Nida will make an issue & she will support Ammar in his decision of marrying Salma because Nida will then say that if Ammar was cheating on Saba, so was Saba cheating on Ammar too.

Saba & Ammar had yet another fight & Ammar once again put her down. Saba is done getting belittled & even though she fights, it has been realistically shown that Ammar’s words keep on scarring her. So much so that Saba has slowly & steadily started to feel that may be what Ammar says about her could be right & there could a possibility behind her being mentally unstable. It is one of the best aspects of this drama where it is being shown that the words carry so much of value & they actually can scar you so much. Ammar’s demeaning words have not only hurt Saba but they have shattered her confidence, they have literally changed her entire personality but still, no one understands her ordeal.

Closing Thoughts – Brilliant Performances:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was brilliantly executed. I must say both Ali Rehman & Sanam Baloch were beyond brilliant in this episode especially. Sanam Baloch has definitely redeemed herself as an actor in this drama & this episode especially. The scene where Saba spoke to Fakhir while crying was brilliantly acted by Sanam Baloch. Ali Rehman is on a whole new level of comfort in Ammar’s character, I am sure no one else could’ve done this role better than Ali Rehman. It is good to see that Ali Rehman got to showcase his acting skills & he has done a wonderful job too. Haroon Shahid & Anam Gohar are doing a great job too. Even though Anam Gohar still seems a little awkward at times while delivering dialogues, it still goes with her innocent character. Hira Tareen has given a perfect treatment to Salma’s character. Danish Nawaz has directed Khaas perfectly. This sure is a very special drama. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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  • This serial is really nice, difficult topic but conveyed effectively. I really like it

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    Everything is perfect about these dramas ..

  • Aah finally i can comment, and finally you said it khaas, because it is….. Love it.

  • I enjoy Khaas a lot too. I think it highlights the aspects of emotional abuse really well. Abuse can start very subtly, and one of the aspects is often the fact that the victim is driven to a point where they completely lose it, which is happening with Sabah. Once she lashes out or raises her concerns, everyone blames her, tells her she is wrong, arrogant, badtameez etc.
    I did find something a little off in the episode, when Nida enters Faakhir’s house, his phone is there, which is not really realistic, but also that there is no passcode etc. We all know phones are a huge private entity in today’s world, and unless you’re really close to someone, you cannot just access them. I feel like that scene could be handled in a more technically realistic way. Other than that, I think it’s a well-etched out play.

  • Amazing review! Also does anyone happen to know who the girl on the cover page next to Fakhir is?

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