FIA Has Summoned Iffat Omar, Ali Gul Pir And Others

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has issued summon notices to Iffat Omar, Ali Gul Pir and 15 others for making derogatory remarks about Ali Zafar. The FIA proceedings are related to Zafar’s  defamation case against Meesha Shafi, who accused him of sexual harassment in which he was proved innocent.

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Ali Zafar  submitted an application to the cyber crime wing of the agency in which it was mentioned that he is being maligned through various pictures and his  video clips that were posted on social media . He called this a ‘pre-planned conspiracy’ due to which him and his family faced severe mental stress and financial loss.

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The FIA has also summoned Maham Javed, Fareeha Ayub,  Mohsin Syed and Subha Ghani among others. While model-actor Iffat Omar has already recorded her statement, the rest are expected to have their statements recorded next week.

According to  Deputy Director of FIA, Ali Zafar had moved an application and requested an action to be taken on it. As a result, the cyber crime wing is taking all necessary measures.

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The journalists tried to reach out to Ali Gul Pir and Iffat Omar but they didn’t show up regarding the matter.

Ali Zafar last month, expressed outside the court and revealed the propaganda of Feminists that how fake social media accounts were setting a campaign to defame him and his reputation.

He said they are doing it for personal gains and this is why the movement is losing its meaning because there are many real life victims who need to raise voice but such fake voices suppress their voice and the game is being played against me, he said I am being used to officially launch the me too movement and I am going to fight against it

All  the digital media accounts were  interlinked with a group of Feminists. The common link seems to be Nighat Dad. They were all either working with or for her,” he had then shared.

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“There is a social media campaign against me,” Zafar maintained. “Shafi’s lawyer has been following and retweeting fake accounts. We have filed a case against this as well with the FIA, since it comes under cyber crime and cyber bullying.”

We think that he is successful in his war with such powerful people who are directly linked with international campaigns to launch them officially and we all know a movement is only successful when it is launched against a powerful, famous and successful person.

More power to Ali Zafar and all innocents untill proven guilty.


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