Nasir Khan’s Response To Adnan Sami

Nasir Khan is a famous Pakistani Youtuber. He shares his video clips and pictures of him dancing and posing around in the fields. His videos of eating fruits and vegetables in one go are the highlights of everybody’s a Facebook wall. 

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Adnan Sami is a singer, music composer, musician, and actor. He had given many hit songs mostly for Bollywood. Adnan Sami’s request of Indian citizenship was accepted in 2015. He is happily living his life with his wife and a beautiful daughter. 

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Recently, Adnan Sami posted ’beef is openly available in India just like alcohol is available in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. What is he trying to say? It’s ok if you don’t live in Pakistan anymore and feel proud to be called an Indian but it does not mean you have a right to say like this. 

Many Pakistani criticized him for using such words for their country and Nasir Khan was also one of them. He didn’t like what Adnan Sami said and replied that if he was mean and rude from the start or not. Nobody can hear any bad words for their country and Nasir Khan proved that he loves Pakistan a lot. 

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  • Bdw i agree with adnan ..
    Whats the difference ?
    Mehwish yaha wahiyaat dance karai item number par ya katreen waha karai ..

    Shoulder katai ,pait katai ,legs katai kaprai yaha pehnai jaayai ya india mai

    Yaha bhi heera mandi hai aur wahan bhi call girls

    Pakistan islam ki buniyaad pai bana tha magar dewaarai bai-hayaae kai khari kardi ham ne

    Corruption wahan bhi yaha bhi ..
    GDP mai wo world mai teen number pai hain aur ham kahi nahi

    Modi waha pai musalmano ko maar raha hai to yaha aaye din dhamaakai even bacho tak nahi chora

    Rape yaha bhi wahan bhi

    Wahan butho ki pooja hoti yaha qabro ki

    Agar naik log yahan hain to waha bhi (deoband daar ul uloom duniya ka dusra bara madrassa) halankai yaha to us par dhamakai hotai hain

    Yaha maulana tariq jameel to waha doctor zakir naik

    Aur ab to unkai pas bhi kashmir hoga aur hamarai pas hamara kashmir

    Pakistan islam ki buniyad pai bana , quid e azam ne kaha tha “musalman aur hindoo ko ek lari mai parona barresagheer ki tabaahi hai ” magar ham ne islam chora aur usi lari se khud ko jurnai jaa rahai hain ..
    Ye haal to hamaara hona he hai..

    Muslaaman khwaar huwai taarik e quraan hokar ..

  • Wow this website is surely enlightening with crucial “happenings”.
    Can we have relevant news only? Is that even a news?

  • Its not what he said about Pakistan, but its about what we have done for this country as a Pakistani? We owned entirely the Western Culture & following it. Day by day vulgarity going on its peak. Alcohol is too far, as we are doing more than that. People are having alcohol here like water. We do not feel ashamed making messes. Verbally we are lecturing the law each other. What message we are delivering to the world as Pakistani Muslim? Without criticising we don’t have any act to do. So, please Mr. Youtuber, first peak yourself.

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