Yasir Hussain Raise His Voice For Kashmir

Kashmir has always been a major issue between Pakistan and India because of her strategic location. No one is ready to make a peace agreement! All they do is fight against each other to see who wins the battle. 

Every celebrity and local citizen of Pakistan raise their voices against Indian atrocities. Yasir Hussain finally broke the silence and shared his opinion on the Kashmir issue. A 37-year-old ’Lahore se agay’ star said that he feels sad for all his Kashmiri brothers. He expressed his disappointment with all Pakistani celebrities who have worked in Bollywood and are still trying to secure their India fan following despite the turmoil. 

He said that he and Sami Khan worked in an Indian film which was a joint venture of both the countries. India citizen uses to ask them about famous Pakistani celebrities which were a proud moment for them. Despite such a great fan following, Indian kick Pakistani celebrities out whenever they want to! He continued to say that Pakistan’s artists should not even think for a moment about losing their Indian fans at this crucial moment.  

Yasir Hussain said that Indians should stop killing innocent Kashmiris. He along with other celebrities raise their voice for Kashmiris. 


Have a look at the video message of Yasir Hussain. 


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  • I have no idea why these nonsensical people are talking BS about Kashmir, it’s india’s Part, they can do whatever they want to get good progress and prosperity in the state, it’s none of any outsiders business, you guys should concentrate on your own problems. Pehele Apne desh ki halat dekho..

    • O Hindustani! Tum niklo yahan se.Kyun Pakistani website pe comment kar rahi ho.Hindustan ka khaatma kareeb hai.Apni fikar karo.Chai wala marwaye ga tum sab ko 😂

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