Film Industry Ignored Yet Again

Pakistan film industry is rising from the ashes but it can easily be said that this is because of the sole efforts of the private sector. Our government seems to neglect funding our film industry time and again. Nothing different happened in the Punjab budget this year.

In the recently announced Punjab budget for year 2017-2018, the film industry was neglected as always. Prominent celebrities expressed their anger at this.

The famous director Syed Noor said it was disappointing that the provincial government ignored film industry in the budget. He further said that the authorities should have allocated specific amount for the revival of the cinema in the country.

Veteran actor Ghulam Moinuddin complained that Marriyum Aurangzeb,the Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting had promised to take steps in the betterment of the film industry but alas, these were just words as it turns out.

Shafaq Cheema, another gem of Pakistan media industry, also seemed outraged over this injustice with the film industry. He lamented that this industry always gets fake pledges and vows. He further expressed that if the government pays serious attention on this matter, then the industry can be taken on the top again.

Javed Sheikh had similar grievances that every year the film industry is promised of funds, development, and every year they are disappointed.

Arsala Khalid