Film Parey Hut Love Choreography – We Loved it

Wow! That was the instinctive reaction that evoked as I witnessed the songs of the upcoming Pakistani film “Parey Hut Love”. As a Pakistani living abroad I am so proud of how our Film industry has developed and progressed in the past few years.

Yesterday accidentally I came across songs of “Parey Hut Love” and was so proud of the Cinematography, choreography, and execution of dance moves. Now we have moved on from robotic moves with no emotions and expressions attached. Soulless dance moves are what we had suffered for years, where lyrics, dance moves, and facial expressions did not complement each other and the essence of songs was lost. Facial expressions reflect the mood of a song and have a major impact on performance and execution. Songs of PHL seem to have worked on all these major aspects and the result is evident. Zara Noor’s dance moves were outstanding.

I was so proud of the songs, as if I owned them, that I recommended others to watch and they appreciated it too. These songs should be taken as the benchmark by Pakistani movies to follow, match and excel. The choreographer of these songs should train other choreographers in our film industry. This need will become apparent when you watch songs of the movie “Superstar” with robotic, non-rhythmic dance moves.

I have never watched a Pakistani movie in London but planning to watch PHL and also impatiently awaiting realize of Maula Jatt. Cheers to Pakistani cinema and cheers to all those who are contributing to nurturing, sustaining and grooming it. Love and progress to all art forms in Pakistan

Written By: Shazia Chowdhry


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

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