Films in August 2017

August the eight month of the year 2017 has started. August is the month in which our independence day falls, the 14th of this month is also the only public holiday. The independence day holiday usually has some film releases on its adjoining weekends. The 14th August holiday can be targeted for any film based on a patriotic theme.

Apart from the Independence day holiday the number of film releases in August is usually on the high side due to summer vacations in educational institutions.

Three Urdu films are releasing in August 2017, where all are coming on Friday 11 August 2017 the independence day weekend.

Geo Sar Utha Ke (جیو سر اٹھا کے)
Geo Sar Utha Ke (جیو سر اٹھا کے) is a film featuring Shafqat Cheema in the leading role. The film highlights the sacrifices of Police in ensuring law and order and fighting the evil elements of society. In the recent times there has been films like Waar, Maalik, Yalghaar, Saye Khudae Zuljalal based on the sacrifices of military and army based security agencies. GSUK highlights the efforts of civilian law enforcement agencies mainly Police.

Shafqat Cheema has been a seasoned name of our cinema from past three decades as a solid performer in negative roles. He has appeared as villain in many films as the hate-able character. n GSUK he is appearing as a leader of an outlaw gang challenging the law enforcement agencies while committing notorious crimes. The film is loosely based on the famous outlaw and wanted criminal Chooto Gang (چھوٹو گینگ), active in the Rajanpur and Rojhan areas of Southern Punjab. GSUK seems to be a film which is more about antagonist than its protagonist.

Alongside Shafqat Cheema, the other main characters in the film is a group of four young security enforcement officers performed on the screen by new faces. One of the police officers is shown as a Pakistani Sikh.

Umar Cheema who last appeared in Saya Khudae Zuljalal (December 2016) in a supporting role is appearing as the main protagonist, a young devoted police officer fighting the criminals. Babar Ali is also playing an important role in the film.

GSUK is directed by Nadeem Cheema, the son of Shafqat Cheema and its his first film as a director.

The film also features an item song shot on Mahnoor a famous theater artist of Lahore. From the trailer GSUK seems to be a loud commercial film based on a message but with loads of action, emotions and a pinch of glamour.

Film: Geo Sar Utha Ke (جیو سر اٹھا کے)
Release Date: 11 August 2017
Genre: Action
Cast: Babar Ali, Umar Cheema, Yasir Khan, Shehryar Cheema, Shafqat Cheema.
Written by: Nasir Sheikh
Directed by: Nadeem Cheema
Produced by: Nadeem Cheema & Rashid Iqbal
Production House: Cheema Films
Distributor: Distribution Club

Chain Aaye Naa (چین آۓ نا)
Chain Aaye Naa (CAN) is a musical romantic film releasing on 11th August 2017. Due to release on 21st July 2017, it is delayed as the film maker requires more time for the promotion and marketing of the film.

The major highlight of Chain Aaye Naa is its director and producer Syed Noor, one of the last renown names of now defunct film industry of Lahore. Syed Noor has a lots of successful films to his credit in the 1990s like Jeeva, Ghoonghat, Sangam, Choorian, Daku Rani, Deewane Tere Pyar Ke. His last Urdu film Jhoomar was released in 2007 so Syed Noor is returning to Urdu cinema after a gap of one decade. Though he was active in Punjabi films during the last decade where Shareeka in 2012 was his last Punjabi film.

CAN marks the comeback of Syed Noor to the Urdu cinema. It is the debut film of Sehrish Khan an artist of Pakistani origin from USA. Sehrish Khan is the grand daughter of Sabiha Khanum and Santosh Kumar two legendary names of our cinema.

Shehroz Sabzwari is appearing as the male lead opposite Sehrish Khan. CAN is also the debut film of Shehroz Sabzwari, though he has worked as a childstar in Khulay Aasman Ke Neeche in 2007. Shehroz is the son of famous artist Behroz Sabzwari and nephew of Javed Sheikh a seasoned name of Pakistani cinema.

Adil Murad the son of Waheed Murad is also making a comeback to the big screen after two decades from this film. His last and only film to date Raja Saab was released in 1995.

Atiqa Odho and Nadeem Baig are working as a pair after a gap of almost two decades their last film Mummy was released in 1997.

Saima Noor an essential ingredient in the films of Syed Noor is surprisingly missing in this film. The trailer of the film was released on 22nd June 2017 which looks dull and tasteless in every aspect. On the whole the trailer of CAN has greatly disappointed anyone waiting for a strong comeback from Syed Noor. As evident from the trailer the film follows the pattern of an 1980s film with over emotional sequences, bad acting, lack of direction, sub par camerawork and unimpressive editing. The only strong aspect could have been its music as the main protagonist of the film is a musician, but alas its music also look outdated as many songs released in 1990s are reused in this film.


Film: Chain Aaye Naa (چین آۓ نا)
Release Date: 11th August 2017
Genre: Romantic Musical
Cast: Shahroz Sabzwari, Sarish Khan, Adil Murad, Nadeem, Behroze Sabzwari, Mustafa Qureshi, Atiqa Odho, Danish Nawaz, Waqar Godhra, Sobia Khan, Maryam
Music: M. Arshad, Javed Siddiqui, Naim Sakhia and Syed Noor
DOP: Irfan Mirza
Writer: Syed Noor
Directed by: Syed Noor
Produced by: Javed Siddiqui, Naim Sakhia and Syed Noor

Ishq Wala Love (عشق والا لو)
Ishq Wala Love (عشق والا لو) is medium budgeted film produced in Lahore and directed by Imran Adeeb. Imran Adeeb is the son of Nasir Adeeb the ever famous writer of our film industry. Nasir Adeeb attained fame after writing the Punjabi film, Maula Jatt in 1979 which proved a smashing hit. After Maula Jutt, Nasir Adeeb wrote hundreds of Punjabi films on the maula jutt theme till the death of Sultan Rahi (hero of Maula Jutt) in 1996.

Nasir Adeeb also directed around five Urdu/Punjabi films in late 1990s which recieved mixed response. Nasir Adeeb is also making a comeback as the film writer from IWL after a gap of few years.

IWL is a triangular love story featuring Hanan Sameed, Ali Tabish and Mahi Khan in the leading roles. Hanan Sameed has earlier worked in few low budgeted Punjabi and Urdu films only released in Punjab without much recognition. He later moved to Karachi and is actively working in dramas these days. IWL is his first prominent Urdu film.

Ali Tabish is also making a comeback to Urdu cinema. His debut film Pyar Hi Pyar Mein (PHPM) was released in 2003 which was not successful. PHPM was directed by Faheem Burney and introduced Ali Tabish with a filmi name Ashal. His second and last major Urdu film was Pehla Pehla Pyar (PPP) in 2007 which was also not successful. PPP was directed by Mubasher Lucman who later became a famous anchor person of our country.

The heroine Mahi Khan is a new face on the big screen and seems more fit for Punjabi cinema than Urdu.

The release date of the film was announced in a press conference at Lahore Press Club in the mid of July 2017 which to date has been the only promotional activity of this film. The major highlight of IWL is its music which is melodious and filmi.

Film: Ishq Wala Love (عشق والا لو)
Release Date: 11 August 2017
Genre: Romanctic Musical
Cast: Hanan Sameed, Mahi Khan, Ali Tabish, Raheela Agha and Anwar Ali
Written by: Nasir Adeeb
Directed by: Imran Adeeb
Produced by: Nasir Abbas
Music: Sanwal Khan
Production House:AAA Entertainment

Here are two songs from Ishq Wala Love

So these are the three Urdu films releasing in the month of July 2017.

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Rashid Nazir Ali


Rashid Nazir Ali