Firdous Jamal Explains Reason Behind Ageist Comments About Mahira Khan

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal was in news last year for his undignified comments about superstar Mahira Khan. He appeared in a morning show where he age-shamed Mahira Khan.

“I am sorry to say that Mahira is not heroine stuff,” he said blatantly. He adding that she is a mediocre sort of a model. She is not a good actress and not a heroine. She is old; one doesn’t play a heroine at this age but rather the role of a mother.”

Firdous Jamal Explains Reason Behind Ageist Comments About Mahira Khan

Many fans and celebrities came out and supported Mahira Khan. They tweeted against Firdous Jamal for degrading and age-shaming her.

Firdous Jamal Explains Reason Behind Ageist Comments About Mahira KhanWell, in a recent interview Firdous Jamal has finally explained the reason behind calling Mahira Khan ‘a mediocre actress’.

Firdous Jamal Explains Reason Behind Ageist Comments About Mahira Khan

He clarified and said, “Nobody sees things technically and when I talk about things technically people mind it. However, I don’t have a personal grudge with anyone. I have never met that woman and I don’t even know her. I just know she lives in Karachi. I have never worked with her and I have not met her one to one. Somebody randomly asked me about her and I said yes she is a star but not an actress. She is a good model though.”

Firdous Jamal Explains Reason Behind Ageist Comments About Mahira KhanHe explained the reason behind all this was because Mahira is basically a model. She belongs to modeling that’s why in her acting the modeling techniques are visible. Models tend to be very conscious about how they look because it is their job to look good in every frame. He also said Mahira is a model and that’s why in her acting there is a self-projection, not self-negation.

Do you agree or disagree with Firdous Jamal’s explanation? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Please, learn to respect people, who God blesses ,people like fridious Jamal said the same thing about SRK ,too, learn one thing ,fridious Jamal ,how time are you going to give your worthless opnion ,how about you take a flying Leap ,where sun don’t shine 🀐

    • FJ is a grandfather ‘s age ,he should be praying that God forgive him for his ill will toward a young actress who can be his grand daughter’s age ! If you do not like her acting ,then move on ! He said he likes mawish ,did he watch gangster guria πŸ˜‚

      • She’s not his grand daughter’s age plzz how do u say that uski age to dekho pehle 1 bachey ki maa h 40 ki to hogi beti kahogey to maan bi lete aur he don’t say anything wrong

  • Right and people should have broader sense of understanding not crticisizing ,as he is senior and did not say so much wrong that was to be banned ,shame on all you

  • Mr Firdous is Shockingly wrong. I think he was just gossiping about super models with his age mates and only wished if he could also work with likes of Mahira. This is grudge and lack of sense of proportion and judgment.

  • He is right .in every industry there are stars and actors .like in Bollywood nwaz ,Rajkumar Rao ,Ayushman ,Kangna ,Vidya ,Shabana aazmi are actors and Katrina ,Salman ,Shahrukh Khan ,Dipika are stars but both type of people are required because all type of people have different audiences .I personally want to see stars not great actors for me good looks matter on screen .and about age he is totally wrong because as long as people want to see her and she looks sexy ( single Pakistani actress who is hot and sexy ) what’s wrong in that .it’s about audience only .

  • Firdous is absolutely right. I have been watching old drama series ankahi, tanhanyian and even i can tell the difference in the acting skills of mahira. She cannot act. Her strength is her physique only. If u take a look at the old dramas, there was not much emphasis on looks and hence acting was the main focus. Surprisingly the women back in the day were so beautiful. I cant get over Shahnaz Sheikh. Omg what a beauty. Her acting is what stood out despite her gorgeous face. Marina khan and so many others. Thank God these dramas are available on youtube. Firdous sir has lived a lifetime and he sees where the indistry is going. Unfortunately its about looks that are not even real. People want to see fake madeup faces of makeup and hair and clothes and materialistic things. The tue essence of an actor is gone. Mahira is quiet frankly an average model. If u want to talk about models then look no further Iman Ali is what a model is. Vaneeza, amna haq. These were the model material. Mahira is mediocre in whatever shes doing in my humble opinion. Hoping it doesnt hurt people feelings. But one must understand when ure in a showbiz profession, its part of the package to hear criticism and not just all good things. Ones dopamine levels cannot stay high in this profession at all times bec if ure not liked by public then it will be a problem. Our people have been indianized and westernized so the emphasis is on looks these days by majority of people. Lets see if people can bypass looks and judge actors for their acting skills which is their profession.

  • He is right. In all her dramas, she focuses more on her appearance (looks) than her expressions/acting.

  • He is 100% right. Usey acting se zyada modelling hi pasand h isliye body us tarha se show krti h aur kapde bi wese pehenti h is hisaab se wo actress kahi se nahi lagti nd her acting is not much good

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