Ishq Zahe Naseeb Last Episode Story Review – Hallelujah

Ohkay so, after a million flashbacks & gazillion commercial breaks, this dumber, oh I mean this bumper episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb marked the end of the drama. There was absolutely nothing in this episode that required them to cover it in double episodes. If they had edited out the flashbacks & had not tried the last time to memorize the entire drama to the viewers, which they already do, this drama could’ve easily ended in a single episode & also had made a bit of an impact. I will not mince my words & just straight out say that the very last episode of this drama was a torture to tune to. They had the very last chance to redeem themselves but it was an opportunity wasted. As much as I do appreciate the fact that it has met a happy ending, the way they took the story to that point was pointless, senseless & absolutely unnecessary. I guess the director & the editors themselves were so much in love with this drama that they wanted to see it all for the last time in this last episode, that is why they decided to add so many flashbacks which did the viewers absolutely no favor. It was like in a pool of flashbacks, there was a bit of story hidden which the viewers had to figure & find out like a riddle.

Few Developments In a Pool of Flashbacks:

Despite the fact that the drama makers had all the time on their hands to give this drama a proper ending, it still seemed abrupt where everyone was finding about everything & they were conveying it to everyone. Saleem got to know about Sameer’s statement that he gave to the police, so he informed his tundi family. Also, Akbar found out what Sameer had done for Gauhar & that he wanted her to leave. Instead of flashbacks, it would’ve been nice if they had actually shot some of the scenes which were necessary like Sameer’s conversation with Akbar.

This episode had two important scenarios to it, the first one being Sameer testifying that he killed Zoya. It was good that Gauhar also spoke to Zoya’s sister & her stance was made clear that she was not going to forgive Sameer but she did understand that his mental condition played a part in what happened with her sister. This had to be covered & it was good that they further elaborated it in the form of a court case & the verdict. Good job!

One of the worst developments in this episode were not only of Sabeeha’s suicide but the fact that she once again left a question mark upon the fact whether Sameer was Shakira’s son or Surraya’s? Like seriously? Just when they had pretty much clarified it by showing a wheelchair ridden lady & Akbar convincing Sameer that she was his mother, along with the fact that Sameer also believed him, they had to confuse the viewers further but honestly, at this point I will just say it doesn’t even matter. It would have mattered if the last episode in general had made an impact but at this point I am just too relieved that it has ended to be thinking about it. I think Rajab Ali must’ve taken Shakira’s child away & never came back. Sameer was actually Surraya’s son, therefore Shakira avenged the supposed death of her child by ruining Ehsan’s son’s mind & personality. Sabeeha’s letter also unveiled Ehsan’s reality in front of Sameer. Probably that was the only purpose it served because so far, Sameer did not really know much about his father Ehsan & the kind of man he was, so Sabeeha let him know. It is upsetting that when they had a perfect chance to clarify everything & just end everything by giving viewers clear cut answers, they chose to make it ambiguous, anyways!

Saleem’s regret, Jahangir’s imprisonment – none of these scenarios were important & didn’t make much of a difference because as a viewer, I was already done with these characters, therefore there was no need to show these two. Once again, the focus on flashbacks & unnecessary scenarios made the last episode lose its impact. If they had edited out all the flashbacks & had just given us a clear cut ending focusing on the current scenarios in everyone’s lives, it would’ve ended the drama on a very high note. The strategy that the director & the editors opted for didn’t really do much & no lies, I actually have a headache listening to the loud OST!

Donia & Kashif’s scenario was tackled decently. However, I still fail to understand why was Donia so shattered upon learning that Gauhar was the girl Kashif was in love with. She knew all along that he used to love someone & was probably in love with her till date, so why did she make such an issue when she found out that it was Gauhar. Donia got a clarification she needed to trust Kashif, not that she deserved one. Gauhar was fully focused on Sameer even before she got married to him & after their marriage, she fell in love with him too which was obvious, so the least Donia could’ve done is not insult Gauhar’s intelligence as well as her loyalty towards her husband, thinking she was cheating on him with her ex. May be things were meant to be this way because it was a done deal that Donia was in love with Kashif & he was not, but there was absolutely no chemistry between Sami Khan & Zarnish Khan. However, they both did their best & gave these characters the best treatment they could. Sad that Kashif’s character didn’t have much to offer but Donia was a decent character, until she became a victim of self-imposed pity!

The Highlight of The Drama:

The final & the best development of this episode; Sameer & Gauhar’s reunion. However, before that happened, it was a huge mistake on the director’s part to shoot Sameer being in jail when the court had already given a verdict that they were releasing him, so why was Sameer still sulking in jail? Anyways, the last scene was iconic & definitely sweet. The poetry was beautiful & it was nice to Sameer in a totally different avatar. A new person, humbled, grounded, someone with a completely different outlook on life, ready for a new beginning. Gauhar was calm & composed like she always was. She had this aura that she had been through a lot but had come to terms with everything & now she could deal with anything that came her way. Gauhar & Sameer’s love story was beautiful. I would’ve liked if instead of showing Shakira & her close-ups, they had shown more of their relationship in the previous episodes because it was special and one of a kind. It was nice to see Gauhar being so selflessly in love with Sameer & Sameer, despite his complexes & fears learnt that someone could love him like that. Zahid Ahmed & Sonya Hussyn looked absolutely beautiful together in the last frame & I think that is the moment that I will keep with me, the rest, the less said the better.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Last Episode Story Review - Hallelujah

Ishq Zahe Naseeb definitely could’ve been a ground-breaking drama with unique story, brilliant & powerful performances, IF the producers had not decided to stretch it & bring all those changes that they did because it was too obvious that the drama & the story lost its track & charm the moment they took that decision. Although, I do not follow any news about the dramas due to the fear of spoiler alerts but just when I could feel they had made those changes, I was notified by the lovely readers that I was not wrong because they actually did. Adding Shakira’s story & dragging it, unnecessarily long flashbacks, giving more screen time to unimportant characters, not giving enough screen time to the important ones, treating Gauhar’s character as an afterthought & just confusing the viewers with one riddle after another with no definite answer in sight made Ishq Zahe Naseeb lose its charm. It is sad that the drama which could’ve made to the list of best dramas will definitely not score a spot there because of the way it was treated.

Zahid Ahmed; The Star of The Show:

Zahid Ahmed hands down is the star of this show. If it wasn’t for his brilliant acting & phenomenal portrayal of Sameer’s character, this drama would not have received an iota of the viewership because of the way it was tackled in the second half of the drama. Yumna Zaidi was good too but it isn’t her mistake that the director made us hate Shakira’s character by showing her close ups all the time. Sonya Hussyn also did a fairly decent job as Gauhar, she was phenomenal in some of the scenes for sure. Sami Khan & Zarnish Khan also should be proud of themselves for doing justice to these characters. Zahid Ahmed should take a bow for giving the best performance of his career till date & we can only imagine how high his graph is going to go henceforth. Hashim Nadeem really did a fantastic job in exploring this domain & writing on this subject but I honestly feel for him because all the changes that were made were definitely not in his control. This is where the producers go wrong when they get rating-hungry. The director did his part well in the initial episodes where he created the mysterious vibe & played with that element but then everything went downhill quickly. It is unfortunate that the drama which deserved nothing but appreciation was heavily compromised upon. Poor direction and worst editing made this drama lose its charm. and flashbacks are a whole new story. I am glad that the 25 weeks of flashbacks & probably 6 weeks of story has finally come to an end. Also, I think it was a huge mistake on Sonya Hussyn’s part to share the BTS of last scene of Gauhar & Sameer on her Instastories. This is something that I have heard she had done, which I think was the biggest spoiler alert & she should’ve been careful! Anyways, please share your thoughts about the final episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb, if you’re still awake after 2 hours of dumber, oh I mean bumper episode because like they reinforced throughout the drama; ‘ai re ai, nindiya ai’.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

Ps: Thank you all the lovely readers for keeping the discussions alive on Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s thread. Also, I am now going to binge-watch Yeh Dil Mera & will start reviewing it ASAP. :)

Zahra Mirza

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  • Rightly said..totally time wasted for 2 dialogues such stupid scenes and unecessary dragging..they could have easily made the impact in one hr by bringing powerful notes by the actors and finished it off with a good note and thumbs up but ruined it all..

    • Thank you so much Aisha. I know right, this thought crossed my mind when all I heard was the OST & loud music, I was wondering why hasn’t anyone uttered a single dialogue. I was on Whatsapp with my sister while watching the final episode & we kept on discussing it too. Yes, glad that it met a good ending but the overall drama didn’t make an impact it could have.

  • Superb that u r going to start reviewing ydm ..cause it’s at a point when everything is on peak..
    Plz start from next week only..

  • What an on point review! I agree with every single word of it!👏🏻
    This last episode was all about making the viewers remember the whole drama once again as if they’ve forgotten (did they really make us forget) all of these flashbacks were a part of some episode or the other, but I think in the last one they decided to show literally every single flashback!
    As if flashbacks were not enough to make me sleep, the annoying as hell millions of commercial breaks helped A LOT! AND “ai re ai nindiya ai (waqayi aagyi LOL)” Pure torture I must say!

    This episode was filled with random scenes like at one point Gohar in her room, just stands up from the bed, walks at the speed of 0.25x and sit at the bench and the scene is shifted to shakira, I mean why the hell was this walk shown??? Completely absurd!

    And who is the mother of pitiable Sameer is left to the viewer’s imagination (if it wasn’t, then at least I couldn’t understand it, plz explain if you know)

    The only good thing about this episode was the last scene! It had two good things attached to it, first the happy ending of sameer and gohar & the second was that we wouldn’t have to tune in to this torture next week to listen “mujhy roag they…” Sigh!

    • Haha, thank you so much Fatimah for a witty comment. Thank you for appreciating the review, I am glad that our feeling about Ishq Zahe Naseeb is mutual. Yes, there were a lot of unnecessary scenes in this episode plus the flashbacks. I swear, the commercial breaks were so annoying, they also contributed a lot in ruining the last episode, not that it was great to begin with.

      Sameer’s mother is Surraya. Akbar, her brother has testified it. They have just shown that Shakira’s own son was taken away by Rajab Ali but she assumed that her son was killed, therefore she twisted Sameer’s mind & personality for the sake of her revenge from Sameer’s father Ehsaan who had raped her. LOL @ second good thing about the last episode was not getting to tune to it next week. So trueee. I am rejoicing!

  • Hayeee Zahra thank u sooo much for speaking my mind…
    I have never seen such a boring episode of any drama in my entire life. Aur Hum Tv walon ne jitnay TVCs dikhae tobahh and they litter show whatever is going to happen in ‘after the break’ and then boom! Another break. Hadd hai bhai!!
    Mushkil se saas bahu, zaalim bhabhi, dusri bv k bjae koi different drama milta hai aur usko ratings k chakkar main khenchhhhhh k barbaad kar dete hain!!
    Everyone says Zahid Ahmed was brilliant but I literally can’t see the expressions on his face due to whatever he has done to his nose. It is very distracting for me. For me his best is still Besharam.
    Wesay why was Sabeeha begum suddenly missing Sameer so much and was this guilty when all her life she has been torturing him and now that She was even ruining his marital life?
    And who actually was Sameer’s mother? What was the point if Gogo’s sisters’ plot and her husband? Why was her Bhabhi not given a reality check?
    I am saying it again this was the worst, most boring and most annoying last episode I have ever watched.
    PS: I hope that you will review YDM now. But lemme tell you it has alot of continuity issues like every other Aehsan Talish drama but the plot is very fresh and interesting. And they have not shot some very important scenes that Farhat Ishtiaq has uploaded on her YT channel in written form. Will be looking forward.

    • Thank you so much PP for your continuous appreciation & encouragement on Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s reviews. It surely means a lot. :) I am glad our feeling about Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s last episode as well as overall drama is mutual. Yes, they littered the last episode with commercial breaks & it was so hard to keep up with what was happening. It was the most poorly executed last episode I have seen & the way it was aired by the channel was absurd too.

      Yes, so many characters were given undue attention. What changed in Jahangir’s father that he left his son to sulk in the jail? What was his falling for being a soodhkhor? Also yes, Kamran & his mother’s scenes were just fillers, just like the entire Gogo Pan Masala’s family scenes were. Saleem’s introspection served no purpose at all because he wasn’t seen apologizing to anyone. Poorly executed story & poorly directed last episode.

      I agree, they also did not develop Sabeeha’s character. I wish they had shown her telling Sameer that she feared Shakira was ruining his personality, that is why she got rid of her. This was something she actually did as a mother to him but then, her obsession with controlling & ruining his life & then dying due to guilt was poorly conceived. Nothing made much sense anyways.

      I will definitely watch Yeh Dil Mera in coming days. Thank you for letting me know beforehand what to expect & what not. Let’s see how I find it. :)

  • Oh God!Zahra you have just summed it so well! Like i really thought the makers will learn a lesson n make the last 2 episodes a treat to watch but i guess they still dont realize how they have ruined this whole drama! Zahid Ahmed is definitely the saviour! But this episode was soooooo boring to say the least! In the first half i guess Sonya hussain didnt have single dialogue! It was so bad i have no more words!

    • Thank you so much Anon for appreciating the review. I am glad we feel the same way about the way the drama ended. I know, they had 31 episodes & then double episode to end the drama properly but look what they have done. Yes, none of the characters had a single dialogue & it was either flashbacks or loud background music – I am glad the noise pollution is over.

  • I couldn’t agree more, Zahra. I watched this BUMPER episode with the hope of it actually being worthwhile, but just after 30 mins, I started to get vibes that I am gonna waste precious 2hours of my life.
    What I didn’t know is that the drama makers aren’t even going to give clarity on the most basic question of IZN: Is Sameer Shakra’s son?? I mean seriously!! Yumna said in her interview that all loopholes of this drama will be clarified by the end, especially Shakra’s mystery. Why can’t they add a single dialogue in those plethora of flashbacks of Shakra saying ke’ Sameer Mera beta hai’. Unbelievable!!
    2) What happened to Shakra? In the previous episodes, it was mentioned that Sabeeha killed Shakra somehow. But is she is the mother of Sameer, then who is that wheelchair ridden lady? And did Shakra really die? How did she die? Does Sameer know about the real identity of Shakra or that she killed his father?

    The only lesson I got after watching IZN was: Directors and editors can either uplift a drama or can ruin it. In this case, it was the latter. Anyways, really looking forward to YDM reviews. Hope u’ll be down Binge-watching it till the next Wednesday, Zahra.

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim for your continuous support & comments throughout the drama. Yes, a lot of things were left ambiguous & I am surprised Yumna made such tall claims when all the viewers had to deal with was a noisy last episode filled with flashbacks.

      Actually, because they have dragged things so much, the viewers forgot about a lot of details. Shakira committed suicide after Sabeeha gets her arrested by accusing her of molesting Sameer. She confesses everything that she killed Ehsan, how he raped her etc & then she dies. Sameer was Surraya’s son. Shakira’s son was saved & taken away by Sajab Ali.

      Yes, absolutely, the director with a vision can really elevate the level of the drama & editors should abide by that vision but Ishq Zahe Naseeb was a whole new story. Yes, I will definitely try to watch Yeh Dil Mera & if possible, will do an overview too. :)

      • Thank you Zahra for the kind words:-). And another thanks for clarifying the Shakra story although I would have liked it if they would have stayed true with the original script of Hashim Nadeem ( Shakra wasn’t a major character in the story then). Waiting desperately for ur review on Ye Dil Mera..

  • Thank you Zahra for reviewing this drama. I’m sure it was difficult with the horrible editing this drama faced from the start. Great job done and I agree with everything you have said for this last episode. I am extremely dissapointed with the ending. There was 0% impact, but that is Hum TV for you. I am certain you will immensly enjoy Yeh dil mera but I hope that story does not get stretched thin too.

    • Thank you so much Seher for your kind words. Yes, the editing was poor but it helped them create that mysterious feel in the beginning but after that it was quite a stretch. I am hoping the same for Yeh Dil Mera too but I am glad almost half of the drama has already aired so it will definitely save me some weeks. :)

  • Thank you lovely reviewer.

    This drama could’ve been more impactful. Our channels, producers are ruining our industry. Day by day, its becoming hard to find a good quality drama. They just ruined a beautiful unique story.

    Kher…… Excited for YDM reviews.

    • Thank you so much Ali for appreciating the reviews. Yes, they did ruin this drama & it is very unfortunate. I am excited for Yeh Dil Mera too. :)

  • You are right. It was indeed a dumper. There was no need of double episodes. They should have kept it to one without useless flashbacks and long scenes of that stupid Munna. They could have clarified the Shakara-Sameer relationship. Though what I agree with your logic regarding Sakara’s son taken away by RAJAB ali since returning the kid to Ehsan and Eshan accepting him made no sense at all. But for general public they should have. Court’s verdict regarding Sameer made sense.
    Yumna had told her in recent interview that we will get clarity on what was final fate of Shaikra, whose son is Sameer and complete the conversation she had with Sabiha will be shown in upcoming episode.
    It was an unique story, and it produced had let writer to deal with it, it would have been better. Sami, Zarnish and Soniya did well. Zahid was brilliant and it was most difficult character of his career which I watched. And Yumna had nailed it. She made sure her expression match those Zahid Ahmed as Sameera. She made us hate Shakira and also feel sorry for her. If Joker is ever made in Pakistan, Yumna will be able to do that effortlessly.

    • Thank you so much Pakistani for sharing your thoughts on the last episode. I am surprised Yumna said that the viewers will get a clarity, rather all they got was a bucket full of flashbacks & some unnecessary scenes thrown in. Sameer was Surraya’s son & I guess Rajab Ali took away Shakira’s son & raised him as his own. I felt the last few scenes of Zahid Ahmed applying lipstick & wearing white foundation all torn apart when he intended to commit suicide were heavily inspired by the Joker’s get up.

  • i’m not surprised that even after Yumna saying that everything will be cleared in the end, that they would end it like this after all they missed everything else up along the way then why not the ending
    thank u for reviewing this drama i enjoyed reading all ur reviews on this drama plus the comments too

    • Thank you so much Shameem for being a regular reader of the reviews. :) Yes, it is unfortunate that they left so many lose ends & didn’t end the drama properly, but I guess it got concealed with the happy ending that Sameer & Gauhar got.

  • Absolutely agree with this review.It was a torture …so long & boring ..Thank God for the Fast forward button.:) . I have one question that why did Gauhar & Sameer meeting look like as if Gauhar has no idea how’s sameer doing ? I mean what i understood that when they showed her walking on the beach and reminiscing her moments with sameer.., all this time he was in some hospital or somewhere for his treatment. So, way she was surprised to see him? it looked as if she was not taking tabs on his treatment or whereabouts? Instead of all this unending flashback they should have shown her taking care of sameer in medical facility or something like that. Anyways good to see a happy ending but not satisfied with the episode.

    • Yes Dumper/Bumper episode stretched due to unnecessary flashbacks…I didnt understand the last scene…though it was very poignant and loveable, did sameer and gauhar meet after a long break? Their expressions seemed so. Furthermore bad editing. But all said and done thank God for the happy ambiguous ending.

      • Thanks for the reply..but i am still thinking about the ending scene and still not making sense to me. I mean he was not suffering from some disease like physical issues which could be treated by medicines or surgery. He had psychological issues which i feel can not be cured just by admitting in hospital..such patients need loving family/friends with them. So where was he all this time? was he in jail but why should he be in jail when court acquitted him? or maybe i should stop trying to make sense of fictional TV dramas…i think that would be better for my sanity ..ha ha..

        • No use analysing what the writer had in his mind…my synopsis of the ending (keeping in mind words of the poetry) is that some time had elapsed with sameers mental condition and now he has returned to normalcy🤗

    • Thank you so much V. I am glad the feeling is mutual when it comes to the last episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. Yes, I will totally say this is what I felt too. Sameer was someone who was always in the limelight, people kept tabs on him always, so it was rather unrealistic that no one had an idea where he was & it actually did look like Gauhar stumbled upon him by chance & even Sameer was not expecting her there. Or may be, we can say that after Sameer dealt with his issues, he himself came to the Dargah in a hope that he will come across Gauhar because he knew that was the one place she used to visit regularly. I actually thought Akbar would keep an eye on Sameer but guess they weren’t bothered with the necessary detailing.

  • Kudos for reviewing such pathetic drama. I had left it watching after 25 or 26 episodes. It was good in initial but was dragged which caused it and viewers bhaag gaye like me. Jaan chhotti. Ab zanjabeel ki kahani shuru 5 episodes pappu phir tou toubah. So i will not watch it too

    • Thank you so much Waqar for your appreciation. You have no idea how relieved I am feeling that Ishq Zahe Naseeb has ended. Yes, I will try to follow Pyaar Ke Sadqay, let’s see what happens.

  • i think i’l go along with this ending that Shakira didn’t know Sameer was her son & she had ruined him by thinking that her son was killed, even if it doesn’t make sense, it surely makes me happy

    • Ye bhi sahi hai. I think the viewers are going to pick up the pieces & paint a picture themselves because the drama makers did not do what they were supposed to do – give a complete, unambiguous & clear ending.

  • Thanks Zahra Baji for reviewing this drama regularly. Since I have a very limited time, your and FA’s review help me decide which drama I should go for. Because of ur reviews, I didn’t watch last 4 episodes on the day they released. And yes this episode was a dragggg. I think Hashim Nadeem denied to add more scenes so makers had to use flashback sequences to drag the drama. Wrna 2-3 episodes aur hona theen. Drama was good but illogical stretching made it lose its charm. Zahid was definitely the star of the show. Aur main soch rha tha k iss dfa Hum mein most impactful character ka award Yumna ko milna chahye :D Her character was indeed very impactful. Also what are your thoughts about KAM S03? Koi khair khabar hai k new story hogi ya phir wahi plot repeat? Mujhe lgta hai k HN nay KAM ko naukri he bna diya hai, drama nhi daina (He is doing the same to his novel Abdullah)
    Aap YDM review karein gi yani ab? that’s a good decision. I am watching it and I think Farhat Ishtiaq’s script has finally kick started. Remember Yaqeen Ka Safar wasn’t very appealing in the beginning? YDM ka b yehi scene tha but it is now going gooood. You will enjoy reviewing it.

    Khush rahein Hamesha

    • Thank you so much Shorbaan for appreciating the reviews, reading them & also for having faith in the reviews, it means a lot. Appne bilkul sahi kiya jo last few episodes nahi dekhe because un mai kuch tha hi nahi dekhne ke liye, exactly is last episode ki tarhaan. Yes, Yumna Zaidi ne to kafi achi performance di hai but Shakira ka character is nothing short of a nightmare, especially with those closeups & OST echoing in the background which is going to haunt me for weeks to come. Flashbacks pata nahi kiss reason ki wajah se add hue but jiss bhi wajah se hue, unhon ne drama ko tabbah kiya sirf.

      Yes, I will start reviewing Yeh Dil Mera, will watch it a few days. Excited for it. I liked the initial episodes of Yakeen Ka Safar but felt it stopped making progress in the middle. Uske baad last few episodes were superb. I am glad that Yeh Dil Mera has finally kickstarted. :)

      I don’t know much about Khuda aur Mohabbat 3, not sure if its going to be a new story or what. I hope it is because we have seen the original story twice already. The photo that circulated on social media showed the leading lady in bridal dress, so seems like is mai kuch acha hone ke chances hain. Let’s see. :)

  • Sameer was not son of shakira her son was not left alive by sameer father
    Thats y she killed his father
    And shakira said wolf son will be a wolf too thats y she made sameer personality broken kid took revange

    But i cant get y step mom sent shakira to jail for which reason
    As shakira told in jail all things she did like killed her husband etc to y she sent to jail jab ky sach to jail my btya tha

    And no background or any flash scene of sameer real mother

    Seems an incomplete story
    No any scene of past in which real sameer mom and step mom interaction was shown

    A v unique drama but ended v meaning lessly many questions are still alive

    • Yes Saad, I am sure a lot of viewers are feeling confused. Sabeeha accused Shakira of molesting Sameer only to send her away from him, that is why she was imprisoned & then committed suicide there. All those scenes which showed her confessing about killing Ehsan were added later, therefore they did not make much sense. In the beginning Sabeeha only Shakira as Sameer’s governess, but when she heard all the things she used to say, she tried to get rid of her. They later added Sabeeha & Shakira’s conversation, which didn’t make much sense.

      Yes, they kept the entire focus on Shakira & even hinted as if she was the biological mother of Sameer, but when they actually revealed the story, it was Surraya who was his mother but then the audience did not feel anything for her because her character was not etched out. They had 31 episodes to complete the story but they faltered.

  • Shukar hai I read your review and saved 2 hours of my life. It was such an amazing drama in the beginning and last few weeks I would just read your review. It was too boring to handle. Just like alif Allah and inslaan and cheekh. I wonder what happens to them. They all should wind up in 15 episodes to make an impact.
    Thinks Zahra.

    • Thank you so much Fatima from India for reading the reviews & having faith in them. :) Trust me, you saved yourself not only 2 precious hours of your life, but also some headache & panadols afterward. Yes, I guess it is necessary now that the channels make a policy of ending the dramas within 20 episodes, it would definitely be a favor to the viewers. Ishq Zahe Naseeb surely was good in the beginning but went downhill afterwards.

  • It seems that Shakira was Sameer’s mother and Akbar’s sister?
    And Surayya was not a part of this story at all.
    I was also curious what Saleem did with all the assets that Sameer gave him 🤔. His living conditions didn’t change at all.

    • Yes, Saleem was still in his old house – didn’t make much of a difference so not sure why there was so much focus on his greed. Yes, if they had made Shakira Akbar’s sister, it would’ve made a lot more sense & people would’ve felt more for Akbar & found it realistic. No one felt an ounce of sympathy for the wheelchair ridden lady, plus when they had a chance to show an interaction of mum & son, she had a hiccup & died. Like whaaaa!!!

  • یہی۔ میں کہنا چاھتی ھوں جب مصنف ایک اعلی تصنیف لکھتا ھے تو اختتام میں ھمیں کوئی نہ کوئی کمزوری لگنے لگتی ھے جسکا بہترین حل مصنف یہ نکالتا ھے کہ پسندیدہ کردار کو مار دیتا ھے جس سے پبلک کے احساسات کو دھچکہ لگتا ھے اور وہ اپنے پسندیدہ کردار کے مرنے کے سوگ میں احتجاج ریکارڈ کرواتے ھیں نہ کہ تبصرہ کرتے ھیں،😬 جیسا کہ میرے پاس تم ھو میں ھمایوں سعید کو مار دیا جائے گا اور سونے پہ سہاگہ یہ دیکھنے کے لیے اب پبلک سینما جائے گی ایسے ملک کی پبلک جو مہنگائی سے مرے جا رھی ھے۔عشق زھے نصیب کا اختتام اور بہتر ھو جاتا جب سمیر اپنے آپ کو مار لیتا اور دنیا کاشف کو چھوڑ کے چلی جاتی اور کاشف واپس گوھر کے پاس آجاتا۔۔اور سمیر کا کاروبار گوھر سنبھالتی اور کاشف سے عشق کے زمانے میں جو گلے کا ھار کاشف اسے نہیں خرید کے دے پایا تھا وہ خود خریدتی۔مطلب جب اپنا تبصرہ ھی کرنا ھے تو وہ کچھ بھی ھو سکتا ھے۔اور میرا یہ ماننا ھے کہ جب ڈرامی اچھا چل جائے تو اختتام میں بندا مار دو۔ یہ ھی بہترین ھے

    • Appke comment ka shukriya. Jo ending app ne discuss ki, asal mai wohi ending honi this is drama ki jahan Sameer ne mar jana tha aur Gauhar aur Kashif ne aik saath ho jana tha, lekin drama bananay walon ne jab dekha ke log Sameer ke character ko na sirf pasand kar rahay hain balkay accept bhi kar rahay hain, to inhon ne ending tabdeel kar di.

  • The ending was most probably of the dargah not the jail when they took the full shot this was same dargah where she went with KAshif in the start anyways i’d lost interest iin it anyways. Watched from the first episode hoping the next would be better instead have watched the most slowest and dragged drama ever. Gohar wedded Sameer somewhere in thd 22 episode they dragged the drama for weeks. Last ‘mega’ episode was simply littered with scenes from earlier episodes, slow motion shots and unexplained sequences. Sabiha’s role was not clear from the start and did not undersrtand her guilt in the end which made her kill herself. Actually we don’t know what happened. It seems production ran out of money and could not shoot the complete scenes. Had known earlier that Shakira killed Ehsan and Sabiha did not see her face going out of that room which made her hire her again to destroy Ehsan’s heir. It did’nt matter in the end who was Sameer’s mother as the editing completely jumbled up the plotlines and string of flashbacks. Watched this show for Zahid but Yumna’s small role shined more than the rest of the cast. Zahid has been unfortunate to be mishandled by drama directors again and again. His role was great but in the end this drama confused the audience.

    • Thank you for the clarification Jamshed. Trust me concentrating on this drama last night was nothing less than a feat, therefore I could not connect the dots. Everything that you have said is absolutely right. They themselves ruined what otherwise would’ve been a superhit drama. Isn’t is funny that they had 31 weeks to wrap the story nicely but they still left a lot on the viewers imagination. So right about producers running out of money & not having enough resources to shoot proper scenes which were required to give the drama a clean ending. Yumna was good but Shakira’s closeups were unbearable. Zahid Ahmed gave the best performance of his career but I agree, he always ends up with such teams that do not reciprocate the dedication he shows towards his projects.

  • Like English movies i believe they left a shosha about shakira’s child like if they ever happened to make second part of this drama in veiwers request….indeed the story and acting was good only if there were less repeatation of unclear flashbacks and alot dragging with shakira it more looks like a love story of shakira sameera than gohar sameer.

    • Yes, they definitely did it on purpose but I am glad it’s over & we all can stop thinking about it. Yes, I wish after their marriage, we had seen more of their scenes together because their relationship was beautiful & probably the best aspect of this drama.

  • I guess I’m the only one that found this drama amazing and superb. I’m going to miss it fore sure. I do agree they could’ve shortened the flashbacks but for some reason when I heard two episodes I had a feeling that was going to happen. I think this drama for me would definitely be on one of the bests. Different story, great social issue, new characters, brilliant acting (you guys ever seen Indian dramas??), etc. The overall drama is definitely something to commend on. Let’s see what’s next to replace this.

    • You’re not the only one, my fav too😊
      “IZN….with all thy faults I love thee still” if only for this reason that topic was unique and leading pair chemistry superb.

    • Yes, this drama definitely got appreciated & praised for all the positives. There was a time when it got one good review after another & the viewers were appreciating it wholeheartedly but they failed to make it a memorable drama because they killed the charm. No one takes away the credit from the team that they have put in a lot of hardwork & gave some of the memorable performances to the audience but still, it had a lot of loopholes & flaws which can not be overlooked. Ishq Zahe Naseeb had the potential to be a blockbuster drama but the dragging & flashbacks stopped that from happening.

  • And what about that prediction…. Aaaye ga to jaaayega, zroor aaye ga, jb jaaaye gaaa to hi aaaaaayeeee gaaaaaaaa, flashback zroor aye ga, sameera jayegaaaaaaa sameer aaaaayegaaaaaa……. Shakiraaaa jayegaaaaaaa nindiyaaaaa ayegaaaaa, ost chalegaaaaaaa….


    • Exactly. Now that Shrine aunty should curl up in a ball & cry, plus she should never give out predictions. I am glad though they intended to make her prediction come true by getting Gauhar back with Kashif but changed the ending in the middle of the drama. It gives out a positive message to people that they should NOT believe what random flawed human beings tell them about their future. Fortune tellers are a big No No anyways. ;)

  • The last scene was so confusing. I can interpret it that staying along gohar has started hallucinating and imagined that sameer was there and was making her wear bangles!!!

  • I already wasn’t feeling like watching this episode and now i don’t at alll.. such a shame a drama that could’ve been ground breaking went this way… disappointed. There was a time it was my favourite drama on air…idk why hum tv loves to do this.. writers shouldnt allow their script to be butchered this way ! :/

    • Yes, it is unfortunate Fatima that the drama which had so much of potential of leaving an impact was compromised like this. Dramas with such concepts need clear execution but this one turned out to be a khichri. I used to look forward to Ishq Zahe Naseeb too but then came a point where tuning to it used to be a nightmare. So glad it is over. If you want, you can watch the last episode in 10 minutes because the rest is filled with flashbacks.

  • I did not realise they decided LATER to change it. No way. I guess wanting to compete with other channels’ hits. No way. shouldn’t have done that.

    • Yes, they did. When they saw people showing acceptance towards Sameer’s character & liking him, they decided not to kill his character.

  • Well to me it was a contradiction to the usual manifesto of dramas of the industry focusing on the positivity of the concept a v imp mental disorder its causes and symptoms are discussed in the drama an issue is highlighted through the character of sameer yes it had flaws but who and whai is flawless in this world #zahira anyways liked ur review but dont talk on behalf of viewers u dont know everyones opinion just some spoons of society who say yes to.every person who seems somehow impectful …. SO all of the audience hates this and that is not something to say I am sorry i just feel u shouldnt havedone that

    • You don’t have to apologize Nuzhat. I am not saying on behalf of everyone but yes, majority of viewers have not looked past the flaws of the drama. They had such an amazing concept & script up their sleeves but they forgot to give it a right treatment. These kind of dramas should not be dragged & unfortunately, the hunger for ratings & profits made them stretch it so much that it veered away from the main issue that this drama was highlighting. In stead of focusing on Sameer’s mental health, they later made it all about Shakira & the riddle of whether she was his mother or not.

      Thank you so much for calling me impactful though, however I will say that the readers here very much speak their own mind & know how to agree as well as disagree respectfully. The name is Zahra*. :)

  • So much negativity in your review! I loved this drama. It was not a drag at all. It deserved good 30 episodes and flashbacks were necessary. After sheh-re-zaat, I guess zahe naseeb is the only drama that doesn’t have an everyday content in it. This drama ended very well. If somebody doesn’t like it they better Shouldn’t watch it. It’s as simple as that.

    • I seriously wish I had known it will get down to this point. I would not have wasted my time. I appreciated Ishq Zahe Naseeb for the goods it had offered along the way, my reviews are quite an evidence. Similarly, I also have the right to criticize the shortcomings & the flaws of the drama. Good to know it worked for you!

  • Love your feedback! What a review, i love reading yours from time to time whenever you review different dramas. Firstly, i started loving the drama initially due to the fact that the first pair of love birds seemed authentic and sincere, and gohar a very happy go lucky kinda gal. Then it shifted to more sinister tones and you wanted to see where and why shakra came in and her agenda. But then i think they changed the storyline along the way, given its popularity. Maybe initially it showcased the main pair sami khan and sonya as being end game, as predicted by the fortune teller. I figured sameer would be killed off hands down, but then because we all liked his character more with time the plot changed. Jahangir’s scenes throughout the drama left a bad taste, i couldn’t tolerate his and his friends jibber jabber much. Even gohar’s sister’s dynamic was rather nice but she too dissolved somewhere along the way. Ajeeb parents who didn’t bother going to their daughter rotting in jail even? Alot of weird shit going on. But i have to say, for me the way they saved zarnish Khan’s character’s anguish was refreshing. I actually smiled and felt glad k she made it, wohi majbu agar banatay sami khan ko to would’ve sucked more. And she went mad With shak because no one was clarifying, she caught them on a couple of ibstances. In any case, both that and the last scene esp melted heart. But for what its worth, this is such an important issue and a notified disease, they should’ve shown and explained it in a better light. Rather than showing shakra’s creepy af face up close. It kade sense when he’d have conversations with himself or her, as thats the way you interact with your internal egos. Esp in DID its a constant battle. But chalo kuch to acha mila, apart from shak and bewafai crap.

    • Thank you so much Mishal for your kind words & for taking the time out to read the reviews. :) Readers like you are the reason why I enjoy writing. :) Yes, the ending that Donia’s character met was nice. I wish Kashif had shown some love & eagerness towards Donia. It was Gauhar who did the heavylifting otherwise I did not see Kashif pleading his case & clarifying Donia’s misunderstandings.

      They had such a good plot to begin with, but like you said, it was obvious that they not only lost the track but brought so many changes that they couldn’t wrap them up properly.

  • Terrific review and totally spot on!

    A friend recommended this drama serial and even though I’ve hardly watched Pakistani dramas for the last twenty years (being born and raised in Europe), I was intrigued with the fascinating topic of this drama serial. I hated the scenes with Jehangir and the lengthy flashbacks throughout the episodes (and especially how the flashbacks peaked in the last episode), but continued to follow the serial because of Zahid Ahmed and Sonya Hussains acting and the interesting topic.

    I would have liked to see a lot more about the development of the relation between Sameer and Gauhar in the previous episodes, and I would have loved to see more dialogue between the two of them in the last episode. The storywriters should have portrayed their relationship more closely.

    I didn’t know they changed the ending of the drama, but I’m glad they did. Sameer obviously suffered from neglect and lack of care and love in his childhood. Working with children who are subject to neglect from their parents and caretakers, i know that many of them think that no one can ever love them or care for them. Despite his psychological issues, Sameer obviously had a very kind and likeable personality, which Gauhar fell in love with. Instead of portraying that she stood by him out of duty (as a wife), I think they should have shown that she stood by him because she loved him.

    Zahid Ahmed did a fabulous job, and I think it was incredibly bold and courageous to take on a role like that in a Pakistani drama. Well done!

    • Thank you so much Sam for your kind words. I am glad you decided to give Pakistani dramas a go, do watch other popular dramas too, you will love them. Yes, Ishq Zahe Naseeb had such a brilliant & unique plot but it wasn’t tackled properly by the writer as well as the director towards the end.

      The only good thing I found about the ending was Sameer & Gauhar’s reunion. I am glad Sameer lived & his condition got better too. Gauhar was by his side & she proved that she was going to be with him through thick & thin. Jahangir & the rest of the supporting characters were poorly written too, they were mere fillers who did nothing for the story.

  • Well, you need to relax (Zahid Ahmed’s voice)
    I think the series team didn’t get you to praise it
    Simply who pays the most wins 😂
    This is the only explanation for your comment
    I do not advise you to watch Ishq zahe naseeb because he needs a high level of intelligence to understand it and addicted to the boring love stories and stories of the nacelle and the protectors you will not understand
    So do not waste your time 😘😘

  • Can anyone tell me, who was mother of Sameer? Surrya or Shakira??
    Why there were horrifying close ups of Shakira through out the serial?
    Why there was always a thunder storm in “Sameer Villa”?
    Last but not the least, Sameer was a handsome guy during daytime, he turns to the other personality at night in his room only. Now in the last scene, has Sameer got rid of his dual personality or he seemed to be handsome only because of public place??????

    Please Zahra reply

  • I think most people missed the clues which were given in episode 24- 26 including the critic here. Sameer was never Sayeeda’s child thats why she never showed any emotions when anyone spoke about him. He was Shakira’s son. Shakira was a rape victim and lost half of her mind due to abuse. She left the child before Sameer’s father got married and then came back to the step mom when the dad was dead or killed him and came back. She loved Sameer but didn’t like the masculinity in him so she tried to get rid of it by making Sameer believe that he is she or he should hate his masculine part. It also could be that she didn’t know herself that he is her child but the scene where she says ‘sumjho to subkuch’ makes it clear that he is her son

    It was a very complicated script and they wanted to be subtle about the whole thing without giving clear dialogues or scenes like some viewers are asking for. They treated the whole thing as a Hitchcock production where they have some tangents in script just to confuse the viewer and I think they did a pretty decent job as a first try. Plus they had to add all mirch masala for a typical viewer which made things more vague.I did not like the Kashif and Donia track at all and just fast forwarded all those scenes.

    I think its a very good commentary not only on multiple personality disorder but also the rape victims and how this crime ruins the victims life and people around her.

  • I was watching this series because of Zahid Armed. He was too good in playing a very complex character so well. But I think we never saw the step-mother story.(my pov is she cared for Sameer in her own way.. remember she did save him from Shakira)..i always felt she had a story behind her… would have loved to see that instead of GOGO’s family drama. Jehangir going to jail is okay👍… but what punishment did Salim ? Nothing 🤔.My thinking is that Gohar was never in love with Kashif , it was a attachment because of lack of emotional support she never got from her brother, but Kashif had it for his family…so Gohar was attached to him. Gohar truly loved Sameer…and Sameer besides his complexities also loved Gohar a lot.

  • The last scene from gohar on the beach to the end. That was about 8 minutes but was amazing♥️.
    It made it worthwhile in the end, despite been left confused by afew loose ends