Public Reaction On Last Episode Of Ishq Zahe Naseeb

Popular drama serial Ishq Zahe Nasseb which revolves around the story of a young businessman suffering from a split personality disorder. The star-studded cast of the drama includes; Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussain, Sami Khan, Yumna Zaidi, and Zarnish Khan.

Public Reaction On Last Episode Of Ishq Zahe NaseebZahid Ahmed has impressed the audiences with his portrayal of a man with a split personality disorder. The role was very challenging and definitely one of a kind, so he completely did justice in depicting his character.

Public Reaction On Last Episode Of Ishq Zahe NaseebThe drama serial was praised for its amazing story-line and captivating performances. In our society, where it is a taboo to talk about mental illness but this drama serial is quite successful in raising awareness about split personality disorder.

Public Reaction On Last Episode Of Ishq Zahe Naseeb

People were super-excited to know the ending of the drama, many were puzzled about whether it will be a happy ending or a sad ending?

Public Reaction On Last Episode Of Ishq Zahe NaseebThe last bumper episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb aired today and it finally ended. The audience has a lot to say about it, many people just loved the ending and they shared a positive reaction to the last episode.

Let’s check out what the public has to say on the last episode:


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  • I, for one, certainly did NOT like how they decided to end the drama. From write-up, concept, production to direction.
    I mean WHAT THE HECK?

    They didn’t make the story clear AT. ALL.

    Was Shakira and Saith’s (dont remember his name, but Sameer’s father yk) first wife the same ppl?
    Or different?

    Even when I try and join dots with both these theories, things just don’t add up.

    And esp the part about Sameer’s mom in that centre. Who was she? Shakira? Or Saith’s first wife? (i.e. if they were two different ppl, which they ought to be because they were always differentiated. For one, Sameer’s step mom would have KNOWN them to be the same people if that were the case).

    I’d take up all the space if I start writing all my questions down. And probably frustrate myself more.

    EVEN in the last episode, they just gave us dots to combine. And funny thing, there simply doesn’t seem to be way to connect them.

    About the chemistry b/w Gohar and Sameer?
    What chemistry?
    There was simply none.

    Gohar had no ‘personality-personality’. She was just your average everyday Pakistani. Their never appeared to be any appealing part of her that may have made Sameer like her. But he still does. Why? I’d like to ask the writer personally.
    Then even after the marriage, her acceptance to him was no journey. It was simply like this;
    One day, she’s accepting it.
    The other, she’s trying to run away.
    Again, helping.
    Next day, hating.

    There was just no arc of her character or her relationship with Sameer. It just existed.

    And she CERTAINLY played NO role in Sameer getting better.
    (Except maybe when she dresses like Sameera. But honestly what did that achieve?)


    And so why is she hailed in the end?
    For just being a wife? (Who did absolutely almost nothing, may I add. C’mon just think about it. Even the things she ‘did’, they were just no help at all!)

    Oh and at the end, what the heck was Sameer doing at the mazaar?
    Like yeah, I get that babba ji ki _prophecy_ from the time when Sameer went their pehli dafa with Gohar.

    But WHAT?
    So what the writers are trying to say is k, “you have an issue? Mental sickness? Pathology? Oh well, maazar it is! 24/7 consultation available. And guess what? That too free of charge”.

    And I thought that they’d ‘actually’ try and help Sameer’s character out. But what do they do? Make him go all suicide on himself.
    What are they even trying to say?
    “Got a mental issue? Kill yourself! If you survive, then yada yada, mental illness gone. If you don’t, well, karma’s a ____”.

    In short, I just didn’t like the ending.

    Tbh, it really has to be one of the most beautiful Pakistani dramas but the last episode kinda ruined the whole thing. At least for me. No one has to agree with me. But please, if someone does understand this mystery about Sameer’s mom, please enlighten me.

    • I agree this show had an amazing story ….. the first drama in the Pakistani industry to break through mental illness.

      But last episode …. ended in complete mess!

      I felt the team is just dragging the time. No serious movement at all with Gauhar’s character (the only important person in Sameer’s life at this point) in bringing him towards life and out of mental illness. I expected abit of closeness in their relationship. The final scene was too late …. no dialogues exchanged between them at all forget any romantic words to each other.

      Well, writer really lost the plot …instead of Sameer coming home after jail , he ends up in a mazaar !!!! While Gauhar in her fantasy lost in sameers memories.

      I dont understand why sameers uncle didn’t open his mouth and tell Sameer clearly who shakra was, how she managed to come back as care taker and why didn’t he tell shakra (his sister who’s sameers care taker) that Sameer is her son who wasn’t killed ….his character had absolutely no meaning apart from giving Gauhar sameers message.

      Since Gauhar and Sameers wedding …. nothing as couple’s relationship had Be shown …. hardly any chemistry between the main characters.

      This episode was not worth watching after waiting for it eagerly every single night.

      • Totally agree with you! Who was the old lady in the centre? If she was Sameer’s mom then eho was shakira? Who was that baby,?
        If step mom brought up shakira’s baby then then how come she said she brought cipher satan’s child because she was childless. Seth also refused to marry shakira as far as i yeah lot of confusion was created in the last episode.