First Five Day Gross of Superstar, Paray Hat Love And Heer Maan Ja

The Latest collection of the recent releases are updated, we will tell you about the figures of first 5 day of  of all three films superstar, heer man ja and paray hat love.

Super star has collected total of 14. 63 cr in five days 9 crore in pakistan and 5 crore overseas.

Paray hat love has collected total of 15 crore, 10 crore in pakistan and 5 from overseas and both the movies have recovered its budget so by that statistics they both are hit.

Heer man ja collected 5.72 crore in first five days in pakistan and will cover its budget in a day which is 6 crore. So by these figures eid films as expected do business no matter they are average or perfectly crafted.

Screenshot 20190819 013036

Screenshot 20190819 013012

Screenshot 20190819 013056

Screenshot 20190819 012119

Screenshot 20190819 011337

Screenshot 20190819 012958

Screenshot 20190819 012138

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