Fiza Ali makes fun of Amir Liaqat in eid show

Faiza Ali has shown her versatility time and again. Recently, she has been proving her mettle more in talk shows as compared to serials or movies.

Thos Eid she was looking absolutely gorgeous in a golden coloured sari draped elegantly over her slim figure and her hair teased in a voluminous updo. She was a guest to A plus on the first day of Eid in the program called A plus Eid special. 

This show was hosted by Sundus Khan and the guests included Sana Fakhar, Arif Lohar and Ammanat Ali. When it came to performances by the guests, Fiza stole the show by pretending to host a show like Amir Liaqat. She mentions first to the host that she is just making a fool out of public by offering planes as rewards and then she picks up people to play with her.

What follows is a hilarious imitation of Amir Liaqat by Fiza by pretending to hand away planes like candies.

In her own loud and funny tones, she actually raised some very points which people have been thinking about all through Ramzan when they first came to know about Amir Liaqat’s larger than life presents.

Fiza asks people where they plan to park the plane and where do they get the patrol for it to fly. Also who will drive the plane that you want to win just like that.

Lastly, she says that because she can actually sing better, there’s no need for her to give away the plane since she is most capable herself.

Basically, it meant to show that Amir Liaqat was only doing publicity stunts, otherwise why would he make such tall claims in a game show, while nobody actually walked out of his sets with a plane all through Ramzan.

Here is how Fiza comically expressed her reservations regarding Amir Liaqat’s show ;

Mehwish Mansoor