For All Those Who Think Marrying Early Is The End!

With the growing standards of living, we have reached a point where youngsters are seldom seen shunning the idea of marriage. They want to focus on their education, careers and buy luxurious stuff. All this happened because we as a society have made weddings a huge monster where you have to buy food for 6000 people, designer stuff to wear for one day because common wale pe logg kya kaheinge and a bulky dowry to impress everybody or as a token of future security. Islam has urged us to marry young and this is how Islam taught us to get married. Read this and many will rethink what they thought about young age marriages:

We got married pretty young. I was 19 and Umer was 21 years old. Umer was a student here in Australia and I was back in Pakistan. He wasn’t settled, I wasn’t settled. What exactly is settled? Fancy corporate job, big mansion, a great luxurious car?! We did not have any of these things, Umer and I both were students when we got married. He was completing his bachelors then. We had a very simple wedding, only a Nikkah ceremony. My dress plus jewellery all costed approximately 15k – Pakistani rupees. Umer wore a 10k pakistani rupees kurta. A close knit ceremony which included immediate family and close friends. Why? Because we decided to invest that money for us. We made getting married easy like it’s supposed to be. No demands were made from the either side. We decided to invest time and money in and for our relationship. It made no sense to us to spend a huge amount for an event – that no matter how perfect; people would still complain about. .
We saved the money and used it for something that would benefit us in the long term. Umer was living in sharing with other students before I came here, he moved houses few months before I arrived here in Melbourne. He bought everything from scratch, he assured me that I would find every basic item required to operate day to day function in our home. From tv, fridge, washing machine, hair dryer – right down to Muslim shower! Yaaas! (Cannot survive without it)
If I measure according to the current society standards – 4 years and 1 kid later we are still not settled. But if you count – a roof to live under, good food to eat, good enough car to get out and about, a few outings here and there, good clothes to wear, a coffee machine that makes barista coffee every morning, great phones to use, and good health and laughs (very important). We’re doing just alright 😊My husband is a self made man. I couldn’t be more proud of him. And I couldn’t be more proud of myself that I chose him as a life partner. Thanks for being my rock. Here’s to us! Happy anniversary dear husband

For All Those Who Think Marrying Early Is The End!

Indeed, simplicity and love are what makes a relationship beautiful and strong!

Pakeeza Dar

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