Foreigners Mesmerized By Pakistan’s Beauty & Hospitality

Pakistan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Pakistan has improved the tourism after 2016. A lot of foreigners including Rosie Gabrielle, Synthia Richie, Mark Weins and Trevor James came to Pakistan and displayed the beauty of Pakistan through their vlogs. The famous foreign vloggers surely paved the ways for the tourism in Pakistan and other foreign travellers started visiting Pakistan. Food and travel vlogs of famous YouTubers motivated the foreigners to explore the hidden beauty of Pakistan. Now, the international tourists are visiting Pakistan.

Foreigners Mesmerized By Pakistan's Beauty & Hospitality

Recently, foreigners like Bren Tim, Harry Jaggard, Jetlag Warriors, Alexander White and Jay Palfrey visited Pakistan. Harry Jaggard said that he has been treated so well in Pakistan. He said that people were extremely hospitable, they were empathetic and generous and he felt at home while visiting Pakistan. Jay Palfrey loved the beautiful locations and the amazing hospitality of Pakistan. Fans were happy because Jay Palfrey came back to Pakistan again. Bren Tim also visited Pakistan and shared the video about the things he loved in Pakistan. Jetlag Warriors cane to Pakistan twice. They loved Pakistani hospitality and food. All the foreigners love to talk about the amazing hospitality of Pakistanis in their vlogs. Here we have gathered the beautiful reels of all the amazing foreigner travellers who are mesmerized by the beauty and hospitality of Pakistan.

1.Jay Palfrey

2.Bren Tim

3.Jetlag Warriors

4. Harry Jaggard

5.Alexander White


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