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Four Famous Celebrities Wearing Same Kurta

We do not expect the celebrities to wear a same dress but when they do there is bound to be a who wore it better war between them where we love to vote for who rocked in the same dress more and who has carried it more elegantly.

This time the war is not only limited to actresses sporting the same attire but now there are actors involved as well. Four of the famous celebrities have worn the same kurta on multiple occasions and all of them carried it tremendously.

These celebrities are Fawad Afzal Khan, Faisal Qureshi, Mahira Khan and Hania Aamir. Although the color of the kurta that Faisal Qureshi wore was different from the other three ones but other than the color it was same while the other three ones wore the exact same one.

Here are all of them them sporting same kurta.

All of them accessorize it differently though. Mahira Khan with a plazo, Hania Aamir with straights , Fawad Khan and Faisal Qureshi with trousers.

All of them killed it in the kurta and did complete justice to it.