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Celebrities At The Premiere Release Of “Donkey King”

Donkey king is one of the most anticipated animated movies. Pakistani cinema has also produced animated movies before namely Teen Bahadur 1 and 2 and Allahyar and the legend of Markhor and the but donkey king has been most awaited and anticipated animated movie. The reason might be it’s witty and double meaning association with the politics and the democracy.

Donkey king was premiered last night all over the country and many celebrities along with their families and kids were there at the premiere release. Artists from our news industry were also there namely Hamid Mir, Shahzaib Khanzada etc.

Donkey king has a lot of big names from the industry who have done voiceovers for it namely Javed Sheikh, Adeel Hashmi, Shafaat Ali, Faisal Qureshi, Ghulam Muheyuddin, Mani, Shabbir Khan, Ismail Tara and Irfan Khoosat.

Here are the pictures of celebrities with their kids at the premiere release of the movie.


All the celebrities were very supportive of the growth of cinema which has now been comparatively speedy and they wanted the nation to support the growth of our cinema.

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