Freiha Altaf Outrageously Ridiculed People On Their Clothes!

Freiha Altaf is a huge name of Pakistani fashion industry. The former model is known for her influence on fashion in Pakistan and she really is the front-runner of the trends in our country. But do responsibility comes with power? The answer is no at least in Freiha’s case.

Frieha Altaf

She recently was at an airport where she randomly started filming some common public and started judging their clothing choices. She didn’t care about the privacy and maybe does not understand the concept of “not everyone belongs to the fashion industry” concept. Here are some of the shots she posted while she was busy ridiculing people:

FB IMG 1517904651274 1517926462082

FB IMG 1517904657032 1517926461967

FB IMG 1517904663899 1517926461770

From calling the red jacket that it can only be worn by a qawwal and bluntly criticizing the others for their dress choices, Freiha really crossed the limits. She later removed the posts when people started criticizing her.

This was really one of the worst behaviours one can see coming from a veteran of Pakistani fashion industry. What do you guys think of Freiha’s behaviour and the fact that these people actually start a war if some other person subtly comments on their own fashion choices (which are not very commendable tbh)!

Pakeeza Dar