If you ask me to go 2 years back and pick the top notch actresses of drama industry then definitely Syra Yousuf will be amongst them. Going back to 2011 and 2012 there was a craze amongst people for Syra Yousuf and audience loved to watch her dramas thereby making her every drama hit. Syra Yousuf was hit since the start of her career as a VJ and then appearing in commercials like mobilink, fair and lovely, peki, kurleez etc she rose to a prominence. The actual reason of her huge fan following at that time was her looks no doubt she is a pretty girl with cute face and best smile.

Her first ever drama “Mera Naseeb” was indeed a great hit and hence Syra Yousuf fan following increased more than ever. Another good thing about Syra Yousuf is that she always use to pick dramas with good scripts. After drama “Mera Naseeb” drama serial “Bilquees Kaur” and “Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay” were also hit even “Coke Kahani” was also a popular sitcom. Syra Yousuf didn’t only picked up the good dramas but her acting at that time was phenomenal including expressions.

After getting married to Shehroz Sabzwari in October 2012 she becomes Syra Shehroz from Syra Yousuf and I guess with the change of name her fortune also changed as her popularity charts begins to show a downfall. After taking an almost a year break she appeared in a drama serial “Darmiyan” I haven’t watched the whole serial as it was not popular despite having Syra in it but I watched the last episode and I was shocked to see her acting it seems like she has totally lost it. Her expressions were out form as per the scenes and a charm was missing in her acting that was used to be previously means I did not experienced any energy in her acting, however I may be wrong because I cannot give fair judgement by watching only one episode .

Talking about her current drama “Ru-Baru”, this drama seems much better in storyline than drama Darmiyan, however you can see her once again with Adnan Siddiqui. In this drama she is performing two roles a positive role and a kind of negative role. I must say that she is doing some good acting in it but still her expressions are not spot on. She is doing excellent job performing Neelum’s Character but I am not impressed with Shabheeh’s Character I think she is just doing a satisfactory job when performing this character. I cannot see any spark or energy in this character infact if you had noticed that in episode 5 when Faizan Khawaja throws her mother’s picture (who looks exactly like her) in front of her, she didn’t give any jaw dropping expressions as expected.

So where Syra’s craze lost that was used to be previously? It is because her acting is not mesmerizing us or people have lost interest in her after her marriage. Please have your say and I know people will criticize me because I have gone through this phase when I had written the article on Ayeza’s acting, so I am ready for your criticism but please criticise with calmness and criticism must be related to the topic don’t bash me personally because I am noticing that some people are trying to be over smart here by bashing writers personally. So give a sensible reply if you disagree with me.


Maaz is a student of accountancy who has always been a Pakistani Drama Lover. Providing analysis on Pakistani Entertainment Industry is his hobby and he feels honored to be a part of the reviewit team.