Geo Kahani’s ‘Naagin’ – Advancing or Deteriorating?

Geo Kahani’s ‘Naagin’ – Advancing or Deteriorating?

In Pakistan’s drama industry, content is the first thing that matters, if the content of a show is strong enough to hold the interest of the viewers, then it holds the potential to be successful. Since, we are finally witnessing some good dramas, the expectations are rising more and we are seeking new and different concepts. Where at one hand audiences are currently seeing a witty black magic concept in Nazr-e-bad which is amazing and is completely close to reality, on the other hand they’ll be soon witnessing something which may not be the best we all had expected.

Before i continue, i’d say that i hadn’t known about this drama until one of my readers shared it with me and thanks to the reader for shedding light on this one. Anyways, coming back to the point, viewers are currently biting their nails off as they root for some amazing conceptual dramas airing on-screen and seems like after covering some social causes, the dramas are now heading towards a completely different route. Don’t know what i’m talking about? Let’s get this straight, viewers wouldn’t have to watch India’s Naagin because we’ll be having our very own Naagin!

Geo Kahani’s upcoming drama ‘Naagin’ is based on the concept which most of you will be familiar to. Throughout the forthcoming show Naagin, the makers will be revisiting the mythology that Pakistani audiences would have seen in Indian dramas. “Naagin’ is penned by Ifftikhar Iffi and directed by Shah Bilal. So, what is it going to be? A Naagin (shape-shifting snake) transforming into a woman with perfect make-up, mind you, in the blink of an eye!

In recent time, dramas like Sange Mar Mar and Udaari have revolutionized our dramas and none of them has a concept which was derived from any other drama and it isn’t as simple saying that content is an all-time best because the industry is still in the transition phase. However, Naagin is a clear Indian borrowed concept, it might not be a copy but is highly inspired and the concept is something which has nothing to do with our society in particular. Dramas like these work in India because they provide a kind of concept which most of Indian audiences find connectable because these are mythological facts believed by them. However, even though things of this sort are not a part of our country, they still might gain higher ratings because this will surely turn out to be high on drama for the audiences who find the Indian version interesting.

Geo Kahani is starving for ratings and bringing in a concept like this is a prove of it. These kind of concepts tend to grab in the most audiences and they’re going to try it on the local audiences with local content. I see some popular names attached to this play, entering the supernatural genre is nothing wrong but if doing it why not do it with something completely original!

Are you looking forward to Geo Kahaani’s ‘Naagin’? Do share your thoughts!

Rimsha Butt

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