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“Getting Married To An Actor Was Never An Option” – Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung talks about her married life all the time on her morning show but this is the first time that she talked about the reason why getting married to an actor was never an option for her. When one of her guests asked her that if she did not fall in love with Qassam then was it possible that she ended up getting married to an actor? To this Sanam replied,

“I have known Qassam and have liked him ever since I was a VJ therefore I could never think about getting married to anyone else. He was the only man I imagined spending the rest of my life with.”


She also said,

“Even if Qassam was never part of my life, I would never have married an actor because I can’t tolerate my husband sharing screen space with different heroines and telling so many women on screen that he loves them!”

This shows how possessive Sanam is about her man!

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