Gloomy Side of Peshawar Shown in the Peshawar Project

Peshawar city has become a very sensitive city of Pakistan in the past few years. It has been the hub for political unrest, terrorist attacks and other social evils. However, creativity still lives on in this city.

The Provincial capital will be releasing its first ever international bilingual film titled ‘Project Peshawar’ very soon. The trailer of the tele-film is out and it shows the dark side of Peshawar.

The plot of the film revolves around a London-based character who falls in love with a girl from Peshawar through internet and travels the city only to find out that it was all a well thought out scheme to kidnap him. This film is directed by the debutant Irshu Bangash and is produced by Junaid Kamran.

The film was shot in only only Peshawar but UK and Canada too. The film will be released for audiences in Dutch, English, Urdu and Pashto.

Watch the intriguing trailer here:

Speaking to Tribune, Bangash gave some insight on how the movie relates to Peshawar’s situations.

So, we decided to do something related to social media and how it’s misused. We see it all around us and even Mashal Khan’s case was elevated due to social media and its power.

The lead role is played by an Afghan-Dutch actor Shoaib Lodin who in the past has made a few appearances in Bollywood movies. Other than him, the case members include:Navishta Sahar, Sally Ingry, Moiez Mohmand, Mihela Bursc, Arbab Izhar Ahmad, James Ryan, Mustafa Khan and Mariyam Dilawar Jan.

Arsala Khalid