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Gossips about upcoming film Namaaloom Afraad

Namaaloom Afraad (Unknown persons) is an upcoming film being shot in Karachi these days. It is expected to be released later this year, and is based on situation of Karachi. The cast consists of Fahad Mustafa, Salman Shahid , Javed Sheikh and others. The producer  is yet to make any public statement about this project but press report revealed this film is on situation of Karachi. Fahad Mustafa the lead character is also silent about this film.

As per report of Urdu Weekly Akhbar-e-Jehan, Fahad was not very confident about this film, even considering it as a routine film. It all changed when a real bus and car were crashed in a shooting sequence, and Fahad is now proudly telling that he is working in a high budgeted movie.

The film also had an item song filmed on Meera, for which full payments were paid too. However when the producer watched the rushes of item song, Meera appeared dull, colorless and aged, the results were against what was expected. Instead of going after reclaiming the paid amount, the producer persuaded Mehwish Hayat for the same item song, who justified her selection. Pleased with her performance the producer has increased the role of Mehwish and now she can be seen in few scenes with villain Salman Shahid too.

So now the film is important for film career of both mehwish and fahad.


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