Gul Ahmed’s Ad Parody Is Breaking The Internet

Gone are the days when advertisement agencies would use cheap tactics to attract consumers to buy their products. The advertisements now are out of the context and each of it comes with a different concept. It promises to be something more than just a product ad. The latest one that caught our attention was Gul Ahmed’s #Meinperfecthoon campaign, while some said it’s not original, others praised the concept and thought behind it.

Gul Ahmed highlighted basic problems due to which girls in our society don’t feel confident, the tvc was beautifully executed. We all know, how powerful social media is and no one hold’s back from sharing their opinion on the public platform. However, two guys namely Gul and Ahmed who produce comedy content and do theatre too are sharing their take on the advertisement.

In the parody, Gul and Ahmed can be seen copying the dialogues from the lawn ad and using them sarcastically on things that men often do. Their take on the advertisement is worth a watch because they are trying to highlight the infamous problems of men and showing how they are still perfect in their own way!

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the original Gul Ahmed tvc.

Rimsha Butt