Riz Ahmed and Ali Sethi pay tribute to Qandeel Baloch

The Swet shop has released a music video featuring Ali Sethi called “Aaja”. And it has taken the social media by a storm.

The video shows Riz Ahmed and the rapper, heems top their topics to the music of Qawwali and have also played a tribute to the late internet sensation, Qandeel Baloch.

The video shows the Swet shop boys in a get up of Qawwali but they continue to rap. As the video reaches its end, it has a tribute for Qandeel with a soundbyte from one of her videos.

There’s also a dedication to her in order to honour those who try to live freely despite gathering hate for it. The video also hopes to bring the Pakistani and Indian communities together.

The rapping duo has revealed that the video has been purposefully shot in Flushing, Queens and Coney Island, Brooklyn in order to bridge gaps between the Indian and Pakistani communities, the way Qawwali does.

All in all, we think this video is bold and beautiful.

You can watch the video here: