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Haalim (The Dreamer) – What Is In Store For Us?



Chala gya chaand dekho, so gye saare sitaray bhi.
Ab tou aajao Ay neend, adhooray hain kch khuwab hmare bhi..

For now the most anticipating adhoora khuwab is the novel “Haalim” meaning “The Dreamer”. This is Nemrah Ahmed’s upcoming novel which will start from May InshaAllah, can’t wait for it already.

We are still in April and the curiosity assigned with this novel is just unbearable..huff and I couldn’t resist to discuss it before time. As we all know Namal has been an exceptional novel for almost yes almost everyone and it has set the bar high so obviously our expectations are reaching the moon regarding Haalim and it will be unfair to compare them both at any level, I am pretty sure they are going to be poles apart and meaningful in their own ways.

Let’s imagine a fairytale because hearing the word “Dream” immediately flashes the stories of princesses or a Fantasy world with exotic , breathtaking nature’s beauty but hold on, it’s a novel coming from someone who can twist , turn and surprise us with the most unexpected events so yeah, it will definitely have deeper meaning and quite a heavy dose of wisdom. For those who crave for wisdom, knowledge and an utmost desire to learn, Congratulations to you guys.

Haalim is a dreamer and its about his dreams, it is a broad concept and we can not guess anything about it right now but yes we can surely express our thoughts about it.

Here are some guesses.

1- Haalim is a name of a guy, who is ambitious and dedicated to fulfill his dreams and those dreams might transform him to a person where turning his dreams into reality would be his utmost priority and he will forget all the right ways to get to that point pretty much like HAWAS or Dunya ki bhook jisay andha karde….good guess I think Lol.

2- Haalim can be an inspirational novel compiled with some of the most thought provoking and highly motivated stories of dreams turned to reality by ordinary and at the same time not very ordinary people with all their hardships sketched out in a beautiful tale.

3- Haalim could be a journey of a person who is ignorant of his true self and religion and how dreams would gradually scare him, frighten him, and compel him to think, ponder and set his boat on the right direction.

4- Haalim could be a very technical novel where we could be introduced with different characters and all those characters would eventually link with each other at the common ground and that would be their DREAMS. More like JKP.

5- Haalim could be the interpretations of some dreams which are experienced by “Saaliheen- The pious people” because they envision true dreams and how it affected their life.

6- Haalim can be a story of anyone, any common person who wants to achieve big goals in life and eventually is hit by such trials and tribulations which would direct his course to the most Meaningful and Beautiful achievable Dreams..

This is it from me, and I am sure Haalim would not be about all this Lol or at least some of it might be right and what’s the harm in racking our brains over f an eloquent piece of writing ( of course it will be, wishful thinking ;)) which will enlighten us and truly benefit us all InshaAllah

Asma Jamali

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