Hadiqa Kiani Making Waves With Wajd Chapter 4

Hadiqa Kiani’s talent and popularity is no alien concept to the music lovers of Pakistan, but this time the veteran singer has been reigning supreme with folk lore.

Wajd is her new project, about reliving Punjabi historical folk songs and she has amassed a hundred million views with its first three chapters. The songs were Kamlee Tha Dhola, Bhit Ja Bhitaai and Aj Rung Hai and they have been instant hits.

Hadiqa Kiani Making Waves With Wajd Chapter 4

The fourth chapter of Wajd, Kamli, is a tribute to Baba Bulleh Shah. The other artists in Kamli are Steive George on the Saz Baglama, Baqir Abbas on the flute, Asif Ali Goga on the Qawaali Jori, Irfan Kiani and Imran Ali on the harmonium. The credits for breaking vocals go to Irfan, Sakhawat, Sharafat and Imran .The Sufi legend’s poetry, alongwith Hiadiqa’s deep vocals and her simplistic attire in the spiritual backdrop of Irfan Kiani’s music production gives the video an ethereal quality. You will certainly appreciate it, especially the tribute at the start.


Mehwish Mansoor

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