Hameed Sheikh Wins At Asia Pacific Film Festival Awards 2017!

The Pakistani film ‘Moor’ received a great response from the Pakistani audience. The story of the film revolved around a widower and his son acknowledging the corruption within themselves and their society. This 2015 film bagged many awards in Pakistan but we are pleased to inform that now this wonderful work is being recognized outside Pakistan too.

Hameed Sheikh who played the lead, Wahidullah Khan, did an excellent job in the portrayal of a troubled station-master. His commendable acting was recently appreciated at the 57th Asia-Pacific Film Festival Awards 2017 where he was awarded with the Special Jury Award. 

Hameed Sheikh was ecstatic about this achievement and shared his happiness with his fans on his facebook account. He posted a photo of himself with other winning actors at 57th Asia-Pacific Film Festival 2017.

Congratulations #Jami #pakistan #moorthefilm #Won #SpecialJuryAwrd #awardagainstcorruption in #Asiapacificfilmfestival in #Cambodia

Публикувахте от Hameed Sheikh в Неделя, 30 юли 2017 г.


Arsala Khalid