Hamza Ali Abbasi And Mehwish Hayat Looking Charming In New Commercial

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Mehwish Hayat have not shared screen together before but this time they are seen sizzling the TV screen in the new Tulsi commercial. The advertisement is innovative and visually pleasing. It tells the story of two celebrities who are in love, in the commercial we see both of them making a future together and working together. Tulsi is not relegated to the background, it stays a partner in their journey of love. Mehwish Hayat and Hamza Ali Abbasi sport different looks in the commercial. The advertisement has been shot brilliantly, everything has been well taken care of from the attires to the sets and the concept too. Alamgir Janjua is the man behind this commercial. Sara Raza Hyder and Shuja Haider sang the beautiful song playing in the commercial.

Watch the video here: