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Firaaq – Episode 15

I am not certain where to start from because a great deal happened in tonight’s episode but I am not sure if it is such a brilliant idea to open this Pandora’s box after 14 episodes! I am finding it very hard to relate to the new characters, I am not even sure if I care enough to know anything about their past or future at all because in the past 14 episodes we saw completely different faces in the drama. All the old faces have very nominal roles to play now. The viewers are left with no choice but to watch this drama with a completely different frame of mind – how many people out there are so “adaptable”?

So many episodes were wasted in convincing the viewers that Imroze was seriously sick, we were shown all the symptoms and doctor’s visit along with Imroze’s monologues for the longest time and now we find out that Imroze isn’t even dying! I must confess that all through tonight’s episode I tried very hard to make sense of things but everything was just too mind boggling.


Imroze left Paymaan to marry his ex-wife and cousin because his Khala who also raised him asked him to look after her daughter after her death. He felt like Paymaan did not love him probably because his first wife left him for someone else therefore he left Paymaan so that she could marry Roomi. Now that Paymaan is back he is convinced that she loves him therefore he wants her back in his life. I found it very strange that someone like Imroze who is anything but honest or straightforward decided to come clean about everything.

Hareem is just as twisted as Imroze, they are definitely a match made in heaven! Hareem comes across as someone who is manipulative and self-centered. The way she shouted at her dying mother and the manner in which she kept on blaming Imroze and her ex-husband for all her problems went to show that she is not the sort of person who would take responsibility for her actions. Hareem’s character and Imroze and Hareem’s background story explains a lot about Imroze’s character but complicating matters so much at a time when the drama should actually be wrapping up can’t possibly be a wise idea!


Hamza and Ahmed were given adequate screen time as well but even then I am finding it very hard to warm up to these characters. I missed Haider, Tabbasum and even Roomi while watching tonight’s episode. The events of the past it seems have hardly any relevance to the present and I have a bad feeling that the future is going to be just as bewildering. The script and the direction both have proved to be very disappointing to say the least! The director has completely failed to take the story forward in an intelligent way and the writer should have known better than to introduce so many different tracks and characters at this point.

The preview of the next episode clearly showed that we will have yet another first wife versus the second wife situation coming our way because the women in our dramas love fighting over losers. How can Paymaan possibly go back to Imroze? We were not shown even a day of Paymaan and Imroze’s married life and I have a bad feeling that we won’t even be shown why Paymaan decides to stay back with Imroze when she has the choice to leave him. Firaaq is a big fat mess now, no wonder HUM TV is so eager to wrap it up!

Did this episode give you a headache? Feel free to vent out!


Fatima Awan