Hamza Ali Abbasi clears the air!

Hamza Ali Abbasi who has always been quite expressive and has a massive fan following, is back in the game with a new show, BOL News Headquarters. He was expected to give an overview of all the news in an exemplary and ethical manner but the critics were not quite happy with the choice of guests made.

Since Hamza opened the show with “Welcome to BOL News Headauarters, a place where we aim to provide news without any masala and bias.” had given lots of hopes to the viewers. A leading website had recently questioned the show since it was appearing more like a PTI promotional campaign. The first and second guests of the show were Firdous Naqvi, founder member of PTI and Sher zaman, senior Vice President PTI, the show then went on to criticize the government, and numerous other political parties from the PTI’s point of view.

But Hamza who might have known or not known about the allegation, intentionally or unintentionally cleared all the misconceptions with his facebook status.

We hope this show doesn’t turn out like every other typical show.

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt