Hamza Ali Abbasi Reacts To Imran Khan’s ‘Phateechar’ Comment & Has A Message For Pakistan

One Pakistani actor who always raises his voice in any issue regarding the country or the politics is Hamza Ali Abbasi. He’s one of the most vocal actors in showbiz, is a sought-after TV host with a huge fan following. Hamza is mostly known for his blunt statements which at times have landed him into trouble.

After indulging into a controversy for congratulating Oscar winner Mahershala Ali in a rather confusing message. Once again, Hamza used the power of social media to reach his fans and has a message for all of us. He posted a video message for the whole nation regarding Imran Khan’s ‘Phateechar’ comment. For those who don’t know, Imran Khan stirred a controversy for terming the international players who played in PSL as ‘Phateechar’.

Have a look at what Hamza Ali Abbasi has to say regarding Imran Khan’s comments and reactions:

If you don’t want to watch what Hamza said, allow me break it down for you:

1) Imran Khan passed those comments in a jovial mode in a private discussion and most of us use such words, so what’s the big deal here?
2) Pakistan has bigger and better issues which need our attention. We should discuss about the ongoing problems in our country rather than discussing spicy topics.

Rimsha Butt