Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Political Career Takes A New Turn

When Hamza Ali Abbasi joined PTI it was a moment of surprise for many because Hamza’s mother’s political affiliation lie with the Pakistan People’s Party. Hamza Ali Abbasi said that he had faith in PTI’s leadership and agenda therefore he felt that it was his duty to be a part of this political party so that he can serve his country better.

Ever since Hamza has joined PTI he has been very vocal on Social Networking Sites about his take on the political ups and down in the country. He has been inspiring his fans and followers to do what is right in order to set Pakistan on the right path.

It is not a surprise that Hamza Ali has been designated with an important responsibility within the party which is in line with his profession also in a short span of time. Hamza Ali has been designated as PTI Karachi’s Secretary Culture. The party’s Karachi President Ali H. Zaidi made that announcement on the 23rd of January.

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Here is Hamza’s first tweet as the Cultural Secretary of PTI Karachi: