Hamza’s Alleged First Wife Attacks Naimal On Twitter

The handsome Hamza Ali Abbasi and gorgeous Naimal Khawar tied the knot on the 25th of August in a glitzy ceremony and people just couldn’t take their eyes off them. Their wedding ceremony was attended by close friends and family members while the fans sent best wishes to the couple through their social media accounts. 

Hamza Abbasi Naimal Khawar Reception 10

Soon after their wedding, a major twist has taken place and now their fans and followers are totally shocked. A girl claimed to be the Hamza’s first wife and said that they have been keeping their relationship under the wrap. 



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Her name is Anila Hamza. she took her twitter account and wrote that Naimal Khawar brainwashed Hamza and married him. She also asked Hamza to give her all her rights. She called out Hamza on social media telling him that he will never find peace. 

Hamza 2

What do you guys think? Is she telling the truth or is this any kind of rumor. 


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  • Are you mad¿Do you think, this will be the wife of Hamza.why, you are are making issue of their wedding just for your site, Chanel etc. rating.. Plzz stop it…

  • Damn…why the hell people act like this? Shame on such people. May ALLAH SWT keep hamza and naimal away from evil eyes and from such 3rd class people. AMEEN AMEEN

  • yes this woman seems mentally sick and disturbed ..Anyone can’t assume that Handsome Hamza would marry this kind of woman. Stop doing this…. May Allah bless Hamza and Naimal from all Evil eyes. Aameen.

  • Yea khaber suan ker hamza & naimal be hassay hoon Gaay, kitnah fazol ka time ha logo ka pas dosro ki life ko hell bananah ka, Fake account & fake people

  • I urge all here on this forum that stop discussing this weird n fake news because this what cheap people always want that they spread such news n be discussed. She is ill n v pray for her quick recovery not only physically bit her contaminated soul as well. Leave her alone n she will be vanished . Let Hamza n Naimal enjoy their life with peace n happiness.

  • I am sorry i am not commenting on her looks but look at her why will he marry her.
    Such people should not be let free saying mentally sick but should be behind bars


  • Lmao….what bullshit is this? Anila bibi u need to go and consult a psychiatrist….u seem pretty unstable to me ! 😜😂😂😂

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