Hania Aamir Revealed The Reality Behind Her Big Lips

Hania Aamir became a part of news when her pictures and videos started circulating on social media in which the unusual size of her lips got noticed immediately.

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People started criticizing her badly for ruining her face through lip fillers. People commented the she has lost her natural beauty and innocence for which she was famous.

Hania Aamir Makes Us Fall In Love With Her Latest Cover 9

Hania Aamir Makes Us Fall In Love With Her Latest Cover 6

In the latest video Hania Amir shared the reason that why her lips appeared a lot bigger than usual.

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In the video Hania said that her lips appeared big because of the filter she was using to take pictures, and she didn’t know that she could increase or decrease the size of her lips using that filter.

#HaniaAmir and her Big lips' reality!!

#HaniaAmir and her Big lips' reality!!Today Hania Amir found out that she was using insta filter wrongly which made her lips bigger and people thought she has done something with her lips .

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People on the other hand are still criticizing that in the video the the actual size of her lips still appears bigger than the usual and this video is nothing but a coverup.

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